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bain marie

Commercial Bain Marie

Find all your Commercial Bain Marie at Petra Equipment. We recommend to buy Roband bain marie and Woodson bain marie. They offer long life usage and ease of use for all customers. Feel free to contact us to choose the right bain marie for your business and all accessories such as bain marie trays, chafing dish and warming stations. Countertop Bain Marie are extremely usefull to keep gently your food warm at a constant temperature. We have bain marie on hire with a weekly low rent. More options: > Cold Food Bar > Hot Food Bar

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Bain Marie

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  • Festive DCC15 Devon Chilled Countertop Cabinet 1530mm

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Which Bain Marie should you choose?

If you are a cafe or a takeaway shop, we recommend to buy a benchtop bain marie such as the Birko 1110104

If you are a restaurant, a hotel with a buffet or takeaway who need a large double row bain marie, then we will recommend the Roband bain marie BM22 and BM26. Bain Marie "baine marie" is a must-have tool for any commercial kitchen. Regardless of the size of your business, you will find an extensive range of shapes and purposes here at Petra Equipment. We offer anything from the one pan sauce warmer to a ten-pan option – and everything in between. Make sure you provide your costumers with the best service and freshest products possible, by arming your kitchen with the best weapons on the market!

If you have a small kitchen or maybe a food van, then you are probably looking for something to keep your sauces warm throughout the day, or maybe some vegetables or soups. Well, regardless of your need, we have some options that will save your day; first, we want to show you our one pan Sauce Warmer. This wonderful equipment will keep your sauce fresh and warm throughout your working hours, and will save you the time and energy it would have normally taken you to heat up your sauce for each service. This Roband Bain Marie is 176 mm wide, 170 mm depth and 284 mm in height, which means it will fit even the smallest of kitchens and counters. Maybe you want to kick it up a nudge and go for the Bain-Marie Tap pan single (See Apuro Bain marie model), which comes with two medium sized- and two small pans?This brilliant Bain Marie is double-skinned with a concealed element and a galvanised steel base. This would be a better option if you have more than one thing you can prepare before you open your doors, but you want to keep warm until closing.Or, perhaps one will not do the trick, and you are looking for a double-tap? Not to worry, we offer a couple of alternatives to suit your needs. How about our Bain Marie-Double Tap, which you can order with or without pans and lids? This can fit up to twelve small pans, or six half pans, so if your menu offers a wider range of choices, then this will be the right one for you. Within this category, we have six different options in our arsenal. They all allow you to control the temperatures of your pans up to 120 degrees, so all needs are represented here. See more bain marie benefits here.

Best Bain Marie Brands

Rank #1


1 Roband
2 Festive
3 F.E.D
4 Woodson
5 Apuro

Commercial Bain Marie for Restaurant

Now, if you are looking for something to aid you in a professional and grand kitchen, or your customers are spoiled by your numerous menu options, then you need something mightier to assist you in this culinary battle, and this second section is where you need to be looking. Our W.BMA23 Woodson, Large  Commercial Bain Marie "bain maree" is a multiple element design with an air-insulated tank and with double skin stainless steel construction. The rectangular base makes it easy to drop in to a bench cut-out and takes gastronorm pans up to 100mm deep. As an alternative to this, we also offer a Four Pan Bain Marie, which is 675mm wide, 555mm in depth and 305 mm high. This option allows you to keep two large gastronorm pans, as well as two pots for light cooking. The two largest possibilities are the Single Row Bain Marie – Wet or Dry operation, and our Double Row Bain Marie – Wet or Dry operation. The latter is a giant kitchen assistant that allows you to keep ten pans heated whilst you take care of business. This magnificent sauce and vegetable warmer will allow any commercial kitchen to function with the best efficiency possible, and will truly make the difference between a rushed and a controlled work place. There really is no need to take any chances, when tools like this are so easily accessible. We provide fast shipping in Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong, Brisbane & Newcastle.

How much is a bain marie?

Bain Marie costs approximately $650. The price of a bain marie starts at $240 for benchtop bain marie up to $15,000 for custom-made bain marie. Additionally, the price will change based on the brand and warranty.

Regardless of whether you have a small and personal dine-out, or a grand commercial kitchen, you will find the perfect choice for you within our extensive range of Bain Maries and with a finance options to buy your commercial bain marie with weekly payments. And, if that wasn’t enough, we offer all of our options at a low-cost deal here from our Petra Equipment website. So take your culinary dream to the next level and secure your customers the best experience you can offer!