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Wood Fired Oven

Want to know why wood fired pizza ovens are high in demand? Four reasons why your business should invest in one, pizza will never taste the same after using our range of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. Satisfy your customers with a slice of Italy. 

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turbochef australia

One of the top benefits of Turbochef ovens is that they cook at a high speed. Most ovens feature the rapid cook technology that combines microwave assist, high impingement and radiant heat. High impingement means that hot air jets are aimed directly at the food. Radiant heat on the other hand use the heated elements above and below the oven to heat the interior walls of the oven.


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22 Aug 2016 3:18:10 PM By Erwan Nguyen turbochef, pizza oven, ovens, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment

Gelato business is one of the most lucrative business world over in the food industry. Gelato is not only loved as a desert due to its amazing flavors but is also healthier as compared to say ice cream. In this regard, gelato contains less by half-fat content than ice cream. In this lucrative business however, one might be making the best flavors of gelato in town but is not making good sales. This could be attributed to how the desert is presented. Presenting a product in an appealing manner in any business is as critical to good sales as its production. It is therefore advisable to ensure that prospective customers notice your galeto from a far, and be drawn to buy one.


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Rational oven

One of the distinct features of the Rational CMP 61 is that it allows cooking in large volumes. In this regard, the oven has a capacity to fit in 6 trays that are each 65mm deep. The model ensures the highest standards of hygiene as it enables automatic cleaning of steam generator and cooking temperature and an easy manual cleaning program.

Moreover, with the Rational oven one is able to have a 5-stage setting of humidity measurement. Humidity measurement is at the very center of quality cooking.

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17 May 2016 10:47:21 AM By Erwan Nguyen Rational, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment
robot coupe

The quality of food is not only dependent on good cooking but also on good preparation. As we may know, Vegetables not only add more flavors to food but also complement a meal. Preparing such vegetables by hand is however one of the most daunting tasks in a commercial kitchen. Such preparations are not only very tiresome, to but also pose risks of injuries. These risks include cutting one's finger. Moreover, manual preparation of vegetables is time consuming and the result is usually roughly cut- shaped vegetables. Vegetables to be used for salads need to be in shapes cut with precision to be attractive when served. The ideal shape and uniform size is rarely achieved in manual preparation.

To this extent, Robot Coupe brand has had a vast of years’ experience in manufacture of food preparation equipment for commercial use. Some of its top models are the Robot Coupe CL 50, R301 Ultra and R2.

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17 May 2016 9:57:41 AM By Erwan Nguyen robot coupe, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment
foodservice 2016
Come visit us at the Foodservice 2016: Sun 22- Tue 24 May 2016 at The Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park in SydneyRead More
18 Apr 2016 3:45:57 PM By Erwan Nguyen foodservice, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment
select dishwasher

Cleaning of utensils has always been a hard task even for domestic cleaning. This task is more daunting when it is commercial cleaning up. Not only are we talking about more cups, more plates and such utensils but also more oils on utensils. Industrial cleaning up could only be made easy by a machine that has a capacity to do more clean up but most importantly be able to sanitize the dishes thoroughly. Unlike the domestic dishwasher, commercial dishwashers are more sophisticated and built to do large- sale cleaning. They wash- up fast and more efficiently getting out almost everything.


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30 Mar 2016 3:06:19 PM By Erwan Nguyen dishwasher, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment
reason to buy Robot Coupe

A Food processor is one of those kitchen appliances every cooking fanatic should have in their kitchen. Imagine those instances when you have so many ingredients to chop and slice and you have to do all that with your hand? Chopping hard vegetables like beets can be particularly quite draining.

It gets even more draining when preparing food for a commercial kitchen. with a Robot Coupe food processor however, all your chopping, slicing dicing, shredding, whipping and mixing is surely taken care of just by the press of a button. A food processor not only saves ones time spent in food preparation time but also gives fine results. Further, it will save you instances of accidentally cutting your fingers. Of course, for a perfect Purées, soups, sauces, bread dough a food processor comes in handy.

Find out what are the best Food Processors worldwide.

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14 Mar 2016 3:29:43 PM By Erwan Nguyen Robot Coupe, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment
pizza crust

We might debate which country invented the pizza, but there is no denying that it is one of the most popular foods throughout the world. A pizza at its core, consists of three things: sauce, dough and toppings. It is hard to believe that such a simple dish can spawn hundreds of variations which results into a 30 billion dollars worldwide industry not to mention the large number of pizza-makers and chefs who have specialized in perfecting the dish. While there might be more than 20 types of pizza, let's take a look at only the 9 most popular types of pizza.

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19 Jan 2016 3:13:13 PM By Erwan Nguyen pizza, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment

Most couples think they have to have a gorgeous, expensive wedding cake at their reception. That it is somehow mandatory. There are many creative things you can do instead of an expensive wedding cake. Some couples select a unique kind of dessert to serve at their marriages. Think about what you like as far as sweets go. Then think if there would be a way to create a huge display of this sweet treat. If so, determine if you can do it or need some professional help.

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8 Nov 2015 3:04:02 PM By Erwan Nguyen cake, Choosing the Right Restaurant Equipment
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