About Middleby Marshall TCO2114, PS628E, PS540G-1 & PS636G WOW conveyor ovens

Some of the top models by Middleby Marshall are as stated below.

1. Middleby Marshall TCO2114.

A major advantage of this model is that it is triple stacked. This helps achieve large volume production results in a very economical space. Moreover, all the 3 levels achieve optimal cooking results without compromising on the other. These various levels embrace versatility and can be used to cook different kinds of food. While one stack may be cooking pizza, the other level may be used to cook sandwiches.

A conveyor belt is yet another important feature of a commercial oven. The belt enables heat to circulate around the food items. In this regard, the length and width of the conveyor belt determines the quantity of food that can be cooked at a go. As the length and width increases, so is the amount of food production by the oven. This model has a conveyor measuring 14 inches in width making it ideal for medium volume food production.

2.Middleby Marshall PS628E WOW! Electric Countertop Conveyor Oven

Among the very beneficial features of this model of counter-top oven is the Digital display feature. The display allows easy reading of temperature and time remaining for cooking. Moreover, the display is large to be readable from a distance. In addition, with the touch- pad feature operation are easily made by a touch on the screen that displays to you all the options and one selects appropriately. As opposed to traditional ovens that were operate by use of knobs and buttons, this model ease of operation is effective by the touch screen.

A comfortable commercial kitchen is one of the factors that greatly affect the staffs quality of work. kitchens that are very hot are in this regard very uncomfortable to work in. This oven model to this extent has adjustable curtains reduce go a long way in reducing the amount of heat loss into the environment. This is because the feature enables heat to be retained around the oven and therefore make the kitchen a more temperature- friendly space to work in. in a commercial kitchen, where a lot of energy is being used, ability to control such temperatures is a big plus. in addition, to retaining oven heat within the oven, smoke too is kept within the oven area.

3. Middleby Marshall PS540G-1

Middleby Marshall PS540G-1 is a freestanding gas conveyor oven that effectively performs all the various functions on an oven. To start with, being a conveyor oven, this model has the benefit of high food production. Conveyor ovens are significantly wide as compared to other ovens. Further, conveyor ovens are highly efficient in the sense that as the conveyor belt carries say the pizza through the oven, it is not only evenly cooked but also cooks at the exact set time.

A further feature that is of interest with this model is its conveyor belt width. Conveyor belts range in widths of between 10 inches and 40 inches. Where the convection belt has a width of 32 inch as this one, it is undoubtedly a high food production machine. More so, the convection belt is made of stainless steel material that makes it resistant to damage by intense heat. 

Moreover, the model uses Gas as its cooking mode thus offering a substantial energy saving. Moreover gas powered ovens are easy to install.

4.Middleby Marshall PS636G WOW.

As a conveyor oven by Middleby Marshall this is one of the models using the WOW! series. One distinctive benefit of the series is that it gives the user the complete control of time, temperature and humidity measurements. The ability to control such factors has a direct determination on the quality of cooking.

In addition, the model offers versatility in conveyor speed by affording the option to select one minute to 30-minute conveyor belt speed. One factor that is taken into consideration in selecting the ideal belt speed is the desired production rate. Careful selection of conveyor belt is important as such, speed affects the temperature speed at which food is cooked. Increasing the conveyor belt speed thereby increases the heating degree. Suffice to note, the conveyor belt of the mode measures 24 inches in length.

For easy cleaning, all the parts of this model equipment such as the end panels can be easily detached.

Finally, these models feature the patented Energy management system that significantly cuts down on energy consumption that is gas consumption. Moreover, the models have a one-year warranty of labor and parts repair. Article written by Digital Marketing Sydney.

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