The benefits of using Goldstein equipment explained

It is no mistake however, that Goldstein equipment stands out in the food and kitchen industry. Among the benefits of using Goldstein Equipment is that they are specially designed to enable easy cleaning. Their pasta cookers for instance have Easy to clean all stainless steel bowls while the Burners have removable, easy clean cast iron trivets. Another advantage of stainless steel rims is that it prevents chipping.

The importance of a prudent good choice of material used in kitchen equipment cannot be overemphasized; It is very essential for quality results in cooking. The materials are generally reactive or non- reactive. Suffice to note, foods tend to pick up chemical elements from the reactive materials. Further, certain materials on cookware will alter the structure of food, off flavors and cause discoloration.

Goldstein reputation

Goldstein equipment, in recognition of this fact has carefully selected the most ideal of materials on its equipment. For instance, the material used on the interior of most Goldstein oven is completely porcelain enamel. The benefits of porcelain enamel are several. To understand this better one needs to understand what is porcelain enamel. Simply put porcelain enamel is produced by melting porcelain together with a metal component. To start with, ceramic material is hailed for being a non- reactive and therefore not interfering with the food the foods chemical structure as to alter the look or its edibility. Another advantage of ceramic material is that once hot, it preserves heat and therefore foot stays hot for a long time. Porcelain enamel as a whole protects surfaces from chemical attack therefore the oven is stain resistant.

Further, some Goldstein models such as the Goldstein 4 Burner 600mm Griddle with 1010mm High Speed Convection Oven have a stainless steel oven interior. The advantage of this is that since stainless steel is non- porous, it resists germs and bacterial more effectively therefore giving a health safe cooking. It is actually one of the most hygienic materials available. Moreover, stainless steel is non-reactive and therefore foes not react with the food during cooking thereby altering its flavor. Stainless steel material has also the advantage of being rust proof and stain resistant.

To suit the different market preferences, the Goldstein cook tops are available in various options. These options include the 2- burner bench gas top model and the 4-burner gas top bench model. This enables easy separate cooking of different kinds of foods at different temperatures. It also saves on kitchen space since one is able to do multi- cooking but with minimal space. These model options, undoubtedly save up on time spent in cooking too.


Further, Goldstein equipment are designed with a fully welded steel body therefore giving the equipment rigidity and durability. A rigid material is essential in kitchenware so as to be able to stand the large amount of heat and pressure as is in deep for a long time.

Another benefit of Goldstein Equipment such as the Goldstein 4 Burner 600mm Griddle with 1010 mm High speed Convention Oven PFC-24G-4-40E. is that they are fully insulated and sealed. This ensures even distribution of heat and therefore the food is evenly cooked.

Whether you wish to use natural gas or LP gas or electricity power, the Goldstein Equipment has all the power options. Some of the kitchen equipment such as the Goldstein Gourmet Deep Fryer GF/G 350 is designed to be used with no electricity at all. Further, the equipment is designed to operate with high-energy efficiency. This is enabled by the surface infra-red burners that achieve rapid warm up.

 Goldstein Size

Goldstein equipment also comes in various sizes therefore ideal for small volume and large volume cooking needs. The Goldstein Gourmet Deep Fryer GF/G350 for instance has the capacity to fry 20kg of frozen French fries per hour.


Finally, the benefits of using Goldstein Equipment is that it comes with a 12 months warranty and a minimum of ten years labor warranty after you buy their equipment. Moreover, Goldstein Equipment is backed by a national well-trained team of experts available 24 a day 7 days a week just to ensure that their range of equipment function at peak level. Further, Goldstein equipment has the advantage of being customized for Australia. This makes it the best kitchenware to use on the Australian conditions.

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