Benefits of using Goldstein Kitchen Equipment

The choice of commercial kitchen equipment must always be a careful one. Primarily, the purchase of such equipment requires a significant amount of investment and thus the need for careful selection. Goldstein Equipment has over the decades been a top choice for restaurant owners as no mistake but rather, due to its numerous benefits.


To start with, Goldstein Equipment is versatile in every sense of it. This feature makes them ideal for virtually anyone in the food and drinks industry. To start with, the equipment comes in a range of models that are of different capacities. While the2 burner cooktop is ideal for medium volume restaurant, the 6 burner cooktop that is, Goldstein 6 Burner Cooktop PFB-36 is suitable in a large restaurant. In the case of ovens, Goldstein offers its customers the option of single stacked or double stacked ovens. 

Further, the equipment offers the choice of either gas or electric supply in its source of heat. To this extent, there are gas and electric cooktops, salamanders, deep fryers, griddle, roasting oven and Char boilers. Some of its gas kitchen equipment is, Goldstein 2 Burner Cooktop PFB-12 and Goldstein Char Broiler RBA-12L. On the other hand, its range of electric kitchen equipment is Goldstein Electric Salamander SE-860 and Goldstein 610mm Wide Electric Roasting Oven PE-204.


In addition, the equipment is easy to operate and restaurant owners are guaranteed of no extra expenses in the training of staff in the use of the equipment. The knobs are the in this regard, easy to use. Most of the models also feature an LED screen that displays cooking time and temperature. Moreover, with the automatic shutdown feature, the equipment stops at the set cooking time reducing the chances of heat escape as one checks whether the food is cooked. 

Further, the wide range of heat adjustment makes the equipment ideal for use in any kind of foods. For instance, while you might need high heat for boiling, low heat is required for simmering. More so, the equipment is designed to employ several techniques to deliver the most effective heat. One of the techniques is the use of mild steel plate in the Goldstein Electric Griddle GPE-30 model that maximizes heat transfer to food. Other models such as Goldstein Vision Combi Steamer Ovens have double glass doors that minimize the escape of heat.

Furthermore, Goldstein equipment is professionally constructed using the best materials in the manufacture of kitchen equipment. The use of stainless steel and porcelain enamel in the equipment has several advantages. Foremost, it affords easy cleaning. Secondly, stainless steel is non- corrosive and does not react with food flavors. This means that the food maintains its natural taste despite the cooking. 

The use of porcelain enamel in the interior is prudent because the material is scratch resistant and hard. This makes it color fast even after years of use. More so so, its glassy and smooth finish make it resistant to acidic and alkaline properties. The importance of this feature in commercial kitchen equipment cannot be overemphasized. Noteworthy, porcelain enamel is also very strong and is able to withstand heat temperatures of up to 1000F. 

Goldstein equipment is designed with Heavy duty steel body that is a guarantee of rigidity and durability. This feature adds to the equipment’s ability to withstand a large amount of heat from the cooking. Stainless steel is also used in the fascial and sides of models such as the Goldstein Gas Salamander SA-36FF. particularly; the ovens are fully insulated with vitreous enamel that ensures even heat and easy cleaning.


Finally, all Goldstein equipment has a 12 months warranty accompanied with a minimum of 10 years warranty for repairs of spare parts. The company also prides of a competent 24/7 customer support team across Australia. 
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