Reason to choose Turbochef ovens

One of the top benefits of Turbochef ovens is that they cook at a high speed. Most ovens feature the rapid cook technology that combines microwave assist, high impingement and radiant heat. High impingement means that hot air jets are aimed directly at the food. Radiant heat on the other hand use the heated elements above and below the oven to heat the interior walls of the ove.This creates radiant heat that resembles that of a convection oven to cook the food. Ideally, these ovens will reduce your convection cooking time by ten or even 12 times. For instance, the Turbochef’s SOTA model will cook French Fries in less than one minute, that is, 90 seconds. The i3 oven will cook a 6 inch sub sandwich in just 70 seconds.

The High h Batch 2 Tubochef ovens for instance features high heat transfer rates making it three to four times faster than the convection ovens.

The first benefit of Turbochef ovens is that they are manufactured by Turbochef Technologies which has been in existence since 1991. Their many years of experience undoubtedly design top quality ovens.

In addition, Turbochef ovens make the very best pizzas. With The conveyor belt contains of a moving belt system that will enable you to process several mini-pizzas at a go.

Turbochef range

Turbochef ovens offer great versatility. The first instance of versatility is that TurboChef ovens are in different models. Some if the models include the i series that is i3 and i5, High h Batch 2 and Sǒta ovens. This wide range of ovens gives you the freedom to choose among its many models that are of various capacities and qualities . The G5series is one of its largest models while the Turbchef SOTA series is the smallest. Restaurants that cook large pizzas will particularly find the i5 TurboChef oven ideal as it is able to hold a full-size hotel pan. The i3 ovens are slightly smaller and holds a

Another benefit is that with Turbofan ovens you can store many recipes as to hundred. Thereon, when cooking, all you need to do is select the recipe for the food, select the quantity and the oven starts cooking. This is also an advantage in that any employees are able to cook with the oven with minimal training. Moreover, all Turbochef ovens are compatible with the ChefComm pro which is a platform for experts and anyone to share their recipes. The TURBOCHEF HHB2 High H Batch Oven holds 72 recipes and the Turbohef Sota Electric Speed Cook Oven | Fast Cooking Oven 256 recipes. Furthermore, the ovens cook a variety of foods perfectly. Some of these foods include pizzas, sandwiches and different kind of meat.

Further, the ovens are highly programmable. For instance, you may program the oven options such as cook more, brown more and cook & brown more. Moreover, most Turbochef ovens do not require a vent giving great flexibility in installation.

Their small size is able to fit in any size of a kitchen. Even with restaurants with big kitchen space, the turbofan ovens will save your counter space for other use. TurboChef ovens make the best pizzas as they use the conveyor belt technology

Also, the ovens are stackable making it possible to use the same oven for different applications. For instance, you can have one section cooking sandwiches while the other one pizzas. Most importantly, Turbochef recognizes that kitchen equipment are a big investment and thus all TurboChef ovens come with a 12 months warranty for parts and labour.

Some of its models are Turbochef Sota Electric Speed Cook Oven | Fast Cooking Oven. This oven features a stirrer that distributes air evenly throughout the microwave. Moreover, its interior is constructed with stainless steel of grade 304. This makes cleaning of the oven easy, as stainless steel material does not rust nor stain. More so, the rack is removable.

Another model is the TURBOCHEF HCT-4215-9W-V Pizza Conveyor Oven that is reputable for making high quality pizza. The model is ideal for small, medium and large restaurant. The small footprint is able to fit in relatively small areas. Moreover, the model is made of stainless steel in the both the outside and inside. This enables the oven withstand the high temperature in the oven. The panels and the covers do not get hot despite the high temperatures but remain cool to touch. The conveyor belt is programmed and you can feed the conveyor through software.

Finally Turbochef Panini Rapid Cook offers a quick way to heat panini sandwiches. The sandwiches come out browned and crispy as the model combines both microwave and impingement heat.

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