Bromic Refrigeration Supplier

Bromic Refrigeration came to life in 1999 and had since become of the dominant manufacturer of commercial refrigeration units across the Pacific region. Bromic is both competitive on price and provide a high quality of products and maintenance services. They supplie a wide range of commercial fridges, modular coolrooms and freezers. With the new range of Iarp island fridges, Bromic has a strong presence into the Convenience and Supermarket segments.

Fridges, Freezers & Cold Displays

The wide range of countertop fridges, vertical cabinets and display fridges give our customers the opportunities to manage both the stock and the merchandising aspects of their business. Bromic carries a line of Chest Freezers that come with unique features such as flat and curved glass, LED lightning and flat top stainless steel.

Cool and Freezer Rooms

The benfits of having a cool or freezer rooms from Bromic is that all models are pref fabricated to the highest standard. It means you will get a high quality coolroom at a cheaper price. Find out more about Cool room price.

Our clients