Cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world

The award is unprecedented

The restaurant is headed by Mak Pui Gor, the former dumpling master at Hong Kong's Four Seasons Hotel. Pui Gor worked at the hotel's three-starred restaurant, Lung King Heen, before going it alone.

30 to 40 minutes line

But despite his new star rating, awarded in November, he is not raising the prices. This means Tim Ho Wan is Hong Kong's hottest meal ticket and if you want to eat here, you must take a number and stand in line - for a long time. Lines are reported to be outrageously long since the news broke. Singapore has several hawker markets, which were set up by the government to move food vendors off the street. This particular one is the immense Chinatown Complex hawker market located behind the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Given his new, Michellin 1- star distinction, you will expect Meng, who works 17 hours a day, to jack up prices — but he says he has no plans to alter his menu.

“As for prices, it’s not fair to raise them just because I won an award,” he told Today Online. “In fact, my suppliers have increased prices four times in the [past] seven years and I’ve not changed my prices at all. I will continue trying to absorb the price increases until I really can’t do it.”

Chef Chan Hon Meng says he has no plans to alter his menu after taking out the prestigious award. Picture: Roslan RahmanSource:AFP

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