Commercial Espresso Machine Buying Guide

You need to go through the commercial espresso machine buying guide so that you can know the tips you need to take into consideration so that you can buy the right machine. For the case of commercial espresso preparation, you need a unit which will prepare coffee fast so that your customers will not keep on waiting. Remember, if you can keep the customers waiting for too long, they will get bored and opt for another adjacent coffee cafe. Which is a worst mistake? Each customer you receive should be treated to his or her best so that the customer can become a repeat customer. You should as well look for a machine which can prepare a lot of coffee within a short period so that you can meet the needs of the increasing customers to your coffee cafe. Different customers have different preferences; there are those who will like to enjoy certain flavors. Your machine should be able to prepare the different flavors.

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Here are tips you need to consider to choose the best commercial espresso machine:

Commercial Espresso Machine Buying Guide

1. Automatic coffee/espresso machine

You do not have enough time and professionals to prepare the coffee manually. You need to save on time and money in the long run. The right commercial espresso machine you need to have in a thriving coffee cafe should be fully automatic. If it will allow room for manual preparation, it is okay but most of the coffee preparation process should be automatic so that you can have the coffee prepared easily to meet different client’s needs. There are different types of coffee you can prepare; some customers will come up with unique needs. An automatic system will allow you press a button and it will fully automate the coffee preparation process. You stand a better chance of offering the best services with a fully automatic system in place.

2. Versatile coffee and espresso maker

Different people enjoy different types of coffee. There are customers who will visit your commercial coffee preparation cafe and order ice coffee. It will be a stress if you do not have the right tools to prepare the coffee In order to realize value for your money, you need to go for a system which is highly versatile where you can just click on a bottom and it will prepare the coffee. Even for those who are not experienced in preparing coffee, you can achieve great results if you have an automatic system. An automatic system has been designed in such a way it will automate everything so that you can have the system running smoothly.

3. Smart coffee maker

Use of technology has made things easy when it comes to coffee preparation. Even if you are a highly qualified coffee marker, you may not match the perfection an automate system can achieve. Before you buy a given commercial coffee machine, check whether it is a smart model. Smart coffee markers tend to offer the coffee brewers great advantages over their counterparts which are not smart. For instance, a client can enter your coffee shop from where he or she will request for a given type of coffee. You do not have to be stressed if you have an automatic system in place. Just input the details of the type of coffee the client has ordered and the machine will prepare the perfect coffee to match the needs of your client.

4. What are the features of the commercial espresso machine?

The more the features you have in a commercial espresso machine, the higher the cost of buying the machine. You also tend to enjoy a lot of benefits if you can have an espresso machine which has several features. Some of the features you need to check out when buying an espresso machine include removable water tank, hassle free refilling and the time it will take to heat the water. For the case of refilling, you need a system which anybody can refill. If the system involves complicated processes, you may mess when trying to refill which can lead to more stress.

5. Energy-saving

In a commercial setting, you need to reduce the expenses so that your business can be profitable. There are some machines which have automatic shut off feature if the system is inactive. It is possible your staff may forget to switch it off after use. With a system which can shut down after say 10 minutes of inactivity, you will end up saving on energy bills. It also reduces chances of getting spoiled because if it is switches off, it will not be affected by power surges.

6. How many cups can the commercial coffee machine prepare?

You need to check on the capacity of the coffee machine because you are trying to prepare coffee on a commercial scale. The units available in the market will have different capabilities when it comes to making coffee. The right unit for your commercial enterprise should prepare several cups of coffee at ago so that you can avoid delays. Compare different machines in the market so that you can locate one which will prepare enough coffee for your business to run smoothly.

7. Centrifugal extraction technology

The centrifugal extraction technology is among the best when it comes to coffee extraction. Check on the number of rotation the machine can make in a minute. If it can go for higher than 7000 rotations in a minute, then it can perform well in extracting coffee molecules from the coffee beans for your customers to enjoy the coffee.

8. Automatic blend recognition

There are some models in the market which employ intelligent extraction technology. With an automatic system, you only have to select the type of coffee you intend to prepare and the machine will work on its own.

9. Ease of use Some machines are operated by a simple one touch function and they will brew coffee. Try to look for a system which can brew coffee fast and it is easy to use. With an easy to use unit, you will not have to train your staff before they can operate it. Most systems in the market come with a simple touch functions and they will prepare coffee automatically if all the parameters are set. Also check on the time it takes for the system to prepare coffee, look for a fast operation unit to meet the needs of customers who are in a hurry to be served.

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