Commercial Microwaves for Cafes

Cafés and coffee shops are a great place to relax after a hard day’s work, or for just a normal work meeting. Friends can also catch up in cafés because they are a good and relaxing place to relax and sooth the nerves. Warm coffee, tea or hot chocolate are some of what characterize a good café. The tastier and warmer they are, the better the café and for this reason, a good commercial microwave is essential for a café. A good microwave always comes in handy and every café and coffee shop undoubtedly needs one.

Reasons to use a commercial microwave in a coffee shop

Commercial microwaves are faster, compared to local microwaves. This means that a customer does not need to wait for a long time if they need to rush somewhere. They can get their hot coffee or chocolate in an instant.

Another good reason why a coffee shop owner needs a commercial microwave as opposed to a local microwave is that commercial ones have been specifically built for frequent use. They can be used for a large number of customers without breaking down. For this reason, they are durable and can be easily relied upon to deliver for a prolonged period.

These devices add real value to any establishment that decides to invest in it. They have a possibility of providing and adding a variety of options for any shop that uses it, hence promoting an increase of profit.

For the above reasons, when a coffee shop or any other shop for that matter decides to use the commercial microwave, then their efficiency is greatly improved in terms of customer service and delivery. They are also fairly easy to use for anyone new to their usage and most have pre-set instructions that can be easily followed.

Type of food to cook using a microwave

There are a variety of foods that can be prepared using a microwave. There are even more that can be heated using a microwave. One can re-heat some cold beverages or pastries that were once hot and need to eaten but have gone cold. Although some people have frowned against this practice, there is no reliable evidence to support their worry.

There are puddings that can be prepared using a commercial microwave if one does not have an oven. A microwave is multipurpose in that sense. A chef should just prepare their dough as they normally would, with all the ingredients that they require, and then place it in the oven with the right settings. This is a quick and effective method as compared to waiting hours in an actual oven; one can just wait minutes and get the same results. This makes it more efficient in case there are many customers. Commercial microwaves are one of the most requested equipment when we work on coffee van fitout.

Light duty vs. heavy duty commercial microwaves

Commercial microwaves come in two specific categories; the heavy duty and the light duty commercial microwaves. Clearly, these are used for different tasks, and different types of coffee shops require their own category. 

The heavy duty commercial microwave can be easily used by coffee shops and other commercial businesses that may want to use it more than two hundred time daily. They are efficient, fast and durable. Their main tasks include; quick defrosting, steaming foods such as vegetables and heating such delicate food as lasagna, fish and even lobster. 

The light duty microwave on the other hand, is used for cafés which do not need to use it any more than two hundred times per day. Good examples of food items that use the light duty microwave are; heating pre-packaged food, re-heating beverages, muffins, frozen lunch meals, porridge and even warming soups, desserts and sandwiches.

Depending on a café’s needs, they can purchase one or more of these microwaves, which are guaranteed to serve them well. When purchasing this equipment, one should buy that which provides value for their money. Most commercial microwaves will easily do this, because of their durability and reliability factor; hence get a good dealer who will meet the café’s needs.

In conclusion

Commercial microwaves are a staple in any coffee shop and in many commercial buildings. Their use cannot be over-emphasized in the kitchen, but it should be noted that while using a commercial microwave, due to their heating speed, a person may accidentally overheat a meal. For this reason, one should always be on the lookout while using this equipment. You can find more about cafe equipment or cafe ideas and design on our Petra Group website.

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