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At Petra Equipment we understand diverse needs of commercial dish washing and have made the best effort to provide commercial dishwashers in a variety of configurations that will serve all industrial dish cleaning needs. To this end, Petra Equipment has a range of dishwashers since not all washing can be performed by one type of machine. Our dishwashers include commercial pass through dishwasher, glasswasher and underbench dishwasher.

Commercial pass through dishwasher

One type of commercial dishwasher is the commercial pass through dishwasher. This machine is used for dish washing and also glass washing. A pass through dishwasher just as the name suggests allows racks to be passed through. This means that as one is preparing one rack of dishes the other rack is being washed. Once that rack is done ,cleaning with it is slid out of the dishwasher through another opening and through another opening you slide in another rack for cleaning.


A commercial pass through dishwasher shares many similarities with an Underbench dishwasher. However a pass through dish washer is capable of handling more racks in an hour. On average pass through dishwashers are capable of washing between 50- 60 racks in one hour. At Petra Equipment, we stock the best of the brands in pass through dishwashers. These brands are Fagor, Washteh and Norris. The Washtech m2 pass through dishwasher for instance cleans up to 1000 plates per hour, has double filtration system, has two dish racks, 1 cup racks and 2 cutlery racks that are 500*500 mm.

Underbench Dishwashers

Underbench dishwasher on the other hand is are basically used for dish and even glass washing when you want to save on space. This type of dishwasher is also ideal if you have a limited kitchen space because an underbench dishwasher is fitted under your counter so you do not lose any space. Most underbench dishwashers are fitted with 20 -25 racks thus not entirely ideal for very large restaurants. We stock a range of brands such as Alder, Eswood, Hobart and Washtech. The underbench dishwasher ranges from the value of $2315 to about 7313. Some of the features such as the Washtech is fully insulated, clean up to 500 plates per hour and to save on your water, consumes up to 2.4 liters per cycle hot water consumption.

 Commercial Dishwashers

The washing of glasses is a risky task appreciating that glasses are very fragile. Manual washing is a very expensive endeavor because glasses are bound to slip and break very easily. furthermore, it is a bit hard to effectively clean a glass especially those glasses that have a thin bottom. Failure to wash dishes properly will lead to bacteria breeding n such areas. This task is even more risky when doing industrial washing of glasses.


A glasswasher type of commercial dishwasher is thus specially designed for use in washing, rinsing, sanitizing and drying all kinds of drinking glasses. It performs washing of glasses of all shapes, sizes, styles and many of them at the same time. The types of glasses washable by a glasswasher are wine glasses, tumblers and dessert glasses. In addition, the glasswashers clean very fast. Glasswashers are typically used in restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. The price of glasswasher Available in our stock ranges from 22.04 to 5750 from top brands; Adler, Fagor, Hobart, Norris, Petra and Washtech dishwasher. It is highly recommended that one have a separate commercial dishwasher for glass to avoid the transfer of oils onto glassware from food.

Selecting the size

Finally, when selecting the best commercial dishwasher for your restaurant, pub or bar, you should consider sever factors. One is capacity. Capacity is measured by the number of crockery or glasses that the machine is able to wash in an hour. This is informed by of course your customer base. Second consideration is energy efficiency. The third consideration should be if the dishwasher is stainless steel or plastic. It is recommended for you to go for stainless steel commercial dishwasher because they are more resistant to hard water and will therefore dry dishes faster.

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