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Gelato business is one of the most lucrative business world over in the food industry. Gelato is not only loved as a desert due to its amazing flavors but is also healthier as compared to say ice cream. In this regard, gelato contains less by half-fat content than ice cream. In this lucrative business however, one might be making the best flavors of gelato in town but is not making good sales. This could be attributed to how the desert is presented. Presenting a product in an appealing manner in any business is as critical to good sales as its production. It is therefore advisable to ensure that prospective customers notice your galeto from a far, and be drawn to buy one.

This is where a gelato display comes in. A gelato display will go a long way to help you fully tap into this desert business and help you reap its maximum profits. Gelato displays available in the market come in various shapes ranging from cube- shaped, display cases with angled front and others with straight -facing glass display case. There are also various styles to choose from, some of which are very sophisticated and unique. In this regard, one might choose to go for displays with metal accents or a sleek design or even chic designs.

A beautifully designed gelato display will help you stay ahead of everyone in the business. By offering a clear and unobstructed view of the gelato, customers will find themselves walking into your business for a gelato. In this regard, one must select a gelato display that will offer the best view of their product.

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To maximize on appearance an ideal gelato display size must have good lighting. A god lighting must be the one that enhances the visibility of the product. To this extent, LED lighting is the most ideal. The color of the light has the ability to cause detracting chemical reactions that may destroy the original flavors. LED light is ideal because it emits less of ultraviolet radiation and therefore there is lees chemical reaction. In addition, the wrong kind of right such as the fluorescent type may also cause loss of nutrients.

Creating good visibility is not only the only benefit of a galeto display. A gelato display also offers the best temperature for ideal serving of galeto. Ideally, galeto should be served at warmer temperatures of between 10 degrees and 22 degrees. A galeto display in this regard helps keep the temperatures inside consistent at this range. Consistency in quality is very critical for a food business. Moreover, to preserve its flavors, galeto must be kept at these safe holding temperatures.

At Petra Equipment, we have made it our priority to bring Australia gelato businesses the top brands in galeto display cases. In this regard, we have in stock the Petra Gelatissino Compact Benchtop Gelato Display QV680. This models outstanding feature includes having LED lighting. The lighting provides maximum visibility. By enhancing the visibility this model will surely enhance the desirability by prospective customers. Furthermore, LED reduces the impact of the chemical reaction that happens due to exposure of light to the product. This alters its flavors. By extension therefore, LED light helps preserve the product's flavors. The model also features Sliding Rear Glass Doors thus making it incredibly easy to clean the equipment, as it is accessible for cleaning on all sides.

Another model of a galeto display is the Bromic Fenice 7 Angle Top Flat Glass Gelato Display. The model features a curved display canopy thus creating better visibility. The canopy shape also helps maximize on space, you will just find that it is possible to display more tubs with this shape. In addition, the model is designed with a 7- tub display to help you display as much as your business ensure the galeto is served at its optimum texture and appearance and not as a hard galeto, the display has a temperature range of 12- 22 degrees. Further, the model features a digital temperature display. The benefit of a digital temperature display is that it is easy to read and an accurate method to measure and show temperatures in the display. The models may be viewed and ordered by visiting our website, 

Lastly, it is undoubted good appearance of a gelato display is one sure way of attracting customers to your gelato business. Customers will be attracted to how you have displayed the gelato and may convince galeto lovers to make an impulse buying. However, for the business to attract even more customers, one must be creative in selecting say arrangement of the product and the colors of the product. Creativity in arrangement therefore equally essential.

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