The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

How to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clean & Hygienic?

Keeping your cooking space clean, including the countertops, chopping board and other essentials is integral to deter the growth & spread of bacteria.

During your childhood days, if your mother forced you to clean your dishes after having supper you may know how stressful, tiring, and complicated it is to take up the kitchen cleaning job. Despite, all your efforts, the cooking space have an uncanny ability to get completely messed up in no time. A well-maintained, clean and hygienic kitchen not only leaves an aesthetically appealing impression, but also indispensable to the good health of your clients.

Hygiene is a Factor That Cannot Be Overlooked

Just like your front end of the shop, you need to make the necessary efforts to ensure that you create a hygienic ambience in your cooking space. Failing to do so, will run you the risk of getting into the trap of bacteria & germs those can contribute to bigger health problems. Not only, thoroughly clean the kitchen cooktop, the chopping boards, but also sanitize the dishes along with the flooring. Don’t forget the utensils as they are primarily responsible for the spread of bacteria to the human body.

Pests Control Is Highly Recommended

The pests, ants, rats or the cockroaches they all carry bacteria and disease-causing germs over their bodies. Therefore, proper cleaning and the maintenance of the kitchen is a must to deter the mushrooming of the pests in your kitchen. Certain categories of pests, especially the cockroaches they can hide behind the clutters. Thus, not just the working top, the dishes, you are needed to clean every nook and corner of the kitchen.

Ease-To-work Cooking Arena

 Not just a clean hygienic kitchen looks & feels good, but also the biggest benefit is the easy-to-work cooking space. An organized kitchen is about making ascertain that the appliances are thoroughly organized, the dishes are washes, and the countertop is free of clutter. This way you will end up saving time when preparing the meal for the family as dirty dishes and spills everywhere can lead to a lot of mess and at the same time eat way a major chunk of your operational hours. 

Why Kitchen Maintenance is so significant?

Regular cleaning up your cooking space not only provides you with an appealing look, but also let you easily maintain the appliances, the flooring, and the cupboards. The building of residue from not properly cleaning may result in costly maintenance repairs; additionally, decrease functionality in the appliances is no big deal. Furthermore, failing to maintain the flooring and the cupboards may result in hefty kitchen renovation bills of replacing them.

How to Go About Cleaning Your Kitchen?-A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s Take A Tour-

Free Up the Decks

Put away all the commercial kitchen essentials, but in their appropriate place. All you have to do is clear up the deck space; you can put these items into a separate basket. Make assure you carefully arrange the kitchen items, otherwise, later on; you will confront a big difficulty in finding certain items like the pan when preparing for the meal.

The Sink Is Important

When it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning venture, the sink comes first because this is the central component which takes all the dirt and leftovers. Begin by removing all those dirty dishes from the sink and put into the commercial dishwasher. Thoroughly, run your hand covered in gloves with hot, soapy water. Clean the sink, you can make use of market available cleaning equipment and products supplied by the Petra Equipment.

Clean the Countertop and the Stovetop

Make use of high-grade cleaning spray and cleaner to free up of the countertop and stovetop from dirt, grease, and stubborn food spill marks.

Empty the Refrigerator Now

While not completely toss all those stale or expired food products from your fridge into the trash bin. Get rid of the empty and dirty containers in the sink full of soapy water. Wipe down the interiors and the exteriors of the refrigerator, special purpose cleaner may be used to clean the shelves.

Commence With the Top Part

Get rid of the dirt and debris from the flooring is a priority, but commence your wiping procedure with the tiles. The kitchen tiles easily attract strain marks and food spills and often appeal dull with their impact. Get rid of the spider webs at top corners of the kitchen. Carefully wipe down the light fixtures and the top section of the cabinets. Don’t forget the commercial refrigerator’s top part. Then, work your way back to the flooring of the cooking space.

Clean the Kitchen Cabinetry and the Microwave

Make use of a wet sponge to clean the microwave and the cabinets. For thorough cleaning once in a week, have lemon water in a bowl and microwave it for two minutes. This will not only lighten up the stain marks, but also removes the bad odor. There are also many dedicated, market-available cleaners for microwave.

Clean the Appliances

Vertically clean the appliances such as the dishwasher, oven, and the refrigerator. You can make use of the kitchen available cleaning solution or soapy water to clean the appliances. Pay greater emphasis to the edges and handles of these applicants, as they are the centre of dirt & dust catcher.

Cabinet Doors & Drawers

Once again for the cleaning of the cabinet doors & drawers, you need to dip a rag into the warm water or soapy water will do the job.

Finish the Dish Cleaning Job and Rinse the Sink

Now, put all the dirty dishes, containers, and other kitchen items in the kitchen sink. Then, dish wash them in sequences of dishes, this activity will consume time but by the end of the day you know the food is served to your family in hygienic dishes. You need to drain the sink and rinse it with hot water. You can employ any mild abrasive such as the baking soda for cleaning the basin. You can use a powerful cleaner for rinsing of the sink job. Do the wiping of the faucet with a microfiber cloth.

Empty the Trash Bin

Free up from the trash bin, removing what’s inside. After that, you have to thoroughly wipe down the inside of the bin with a rag.

Mopping of the Flooring

For the mopping up of the floor, you require either a dry duster or a high-grade broom. Then, do the mopping up of the floor right underneath the baseboards, the inside of the cabinets to the corners of the kitchen. Follow up the mop with a steam cleaner. Commence from the farthest corner to the entrance of the room. When you are using the mop ensure that you have a bucket to prevent water from spilling. Don’t contaminate your kitchen; therefore dump the dirty water in the toilet or outside.

Helpful Tips For maintaining Your Kitchen

Make cleaning and maintaining your cooking space a family affair. Segregate the various activities and allot to each member of the family. This way your kitchen cleaning work will be done in a lot less time and with greater efficiency.

Educate or train your kids to rinse their plates into the sink after having the meal. This simple act of your family takes less effort from their side, but reduce the burden from your shoulder.

Another great tip associated with the cleaning of the kitchen includes running a sink of soapy water before beginning with the food preparation process. This is done to make ascertain that the cutting knives, mixing bowls, and cutting boards aren’t dry, preventing the food from sticking. This will significantly cut down on the stress of cooking the food and you won’t be left with piles of dishes when you are done with the preparation of the food.

The Kitchen Essentials Tools And Cleaning Products

•    Here, we list the handful stuff you require when commencing with the kitchen cleaning job-

•    Scrub Brush is an Essential Handy Tool Every Lady Must Have

•    You Will Be Requiring a Set of Dish Cloths

•    You Need To Have Non-or Lightly Abrasive Scrubbing Pads

•    Steel Wool is Another Kitchen Cleaning Essential

•    Cloth Towels or Paper Towels Are Must Have Cleaning Necessity

•    You Are Required To Have a Collection of Brushes

•    Rubber Gloves are perfect To Protect Your Hands from getting rough With the Use of synthetic cleaning solution.

•    Grease Cutting Dish Soap has to be in your kitchen cleaning kit.

•    You Can Also Get the Multi-Purposed Cleaner

•    Dish Drainer is another cleaning essential to have.

Hire a Cleaning Specialist Today

If you find it tough to clean your cooking space or simply don’t have enough space, it is paramount importance to hire a specialist for this job. There are many commercial cleaning experts out there providing cost-effective cleaning services. Obtain multiple quotes from more than cleaning solution companies in your region. Weigh their estimate in terms of pricing and features in order to make the right decision. 

Final Words Of Advice

So, in the end, you probably got a comprehensive idea of how the cleaning of the kitchen is done. Don’t forget to equip yourself with a selection of kitchen cleaning tools & equipment.

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