The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Restaurant or Café

Ascending competitiveness in the hospitality sector has meant running a diner/café has become challenging than ever. With the international food industry expanding by the leaps and bounds every day new food outlets are opening to offer something unique to the consumers.

Many of us have ever thought of setting up a diner, however, this is easier said than done. Running one’s own hospitality business is baffling with a myriad of hurdles along the way. Recently, the expectations of customers are scaling new highs, thanks to the convenient access to global cuisines. In a nutshell, survival for a restaurant isn’t just relying on the food or quality kitchen equipment supplied by Petra Equipment, but the how you advertise your place is decisive.

Importance of Marketing Your Restaurant or café

The matter of truth is without proper advertising and promotion your restaurant stands no chance of survival, no matter how experienced and creative your chefs are. Marketing is a powerful means to make people in the proximity of your diner aware that there is one place where they can enjoy delectable food, and relish a mind-soothing, lavish ambience. Thoughtful planning and execution of smart marketing techniques not only help you reach out to a wider customer base but also portray a credible image in the market. It lets your restaurant/café make big announcements such as special New Year Eve discounts.

Target Potential Foodies in Your Operational Area

Advertising & promoting your restaurant present your satisfied customers to spread the word about your dinner to their friends and known, this provides lasting results. Compared to the traditional methods, online promotion draws a fine line between a successful restaurant and one drugged deep into losses. The modern advertising techniques and strategies are precise and brand specific. For instance, a local pizzeria will promote its business to the younger segment of the society, whereas a high-end café can target high-profile business people.

Stay a Cut above Your Rivals

The ability to stay competitive is one big reason people into the hospitality business pour in huge sums of money over advertising. Regardless of your business type-whether, you have a family bistro, a small eatery outlet or a luxury business café- you need to take your place to your potential customers, rather than they reaching out for your restaurant. If you don’t put in the efforts to advertise your business, your prospective customers will perceive that your restaurant is not so successful than its competitors or less to offer.

 Improve Your Bottom Line Numbers

Agree or disagree, marketing is an investment, if done thoughtfully can significantly strengthen the revenue number. With well-planned strategies, you can envelop your specific demographics, and boost your sales figures. The amount you require to promote your establishment depends upon the food outlet type and the region. For example, if you are operating a family restaurant, then the budget requirement for promotion is far less than what a fine-dining, lavish café will. This is because the latter has to build an image of luxury and high-end ambience among its potential customers, while the former just has to trust the quality & tastes of food. Achieving this involves being active on social channels and implementation of public relation techniques to attract more customers to your establishment.

Dynamic Ways to Market Your Restaurant/Café

Let’s Jolt These down-

1.    Have a Restaurant website

Yes, you ask the question “Is There a Need to Have a Website for My Physical Restaurant?” the answer would have been a big no! But, not today; as the website is now the heart & the soul of your restaurant’s brand. Make sure the website’s overall outlook is easy-to-the-eyes, without being distractive; also have easy-to-browse navigation.

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2.    Email Marketing Is A Cost-Effective Technique

One effective way to promote your restaurant is via email marketing. First, build a database of emails of those people who had previous dined at your place or information other sources, and then create a creative email meriting campaign that can draw foodies to your restaurant. Implement both hard and soft email marketing strategies; show new food items, special discounts with engaging gossip talks by Hollywood divas on healthy food.

3.    Provide Online Reservation Facility

In this digital age, we have the luxury to book a round table in a nearby hotel in a matter of seconds with a few taps. You can either have a dedicated App for your restaurant or get your establishment registered on portals to allow people to make online reservations. Let them select the perfect time for the reservation, browse the menu, and check out the reviews & ratings.

4.    Build a Credible Social Media Presence

Today, it has become an absolute necessity to have a strong social media presence for your restaurant. Creating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles will serve a means to be social with your local customers. Being social, your prospective customers will think of your business as an active running establishment. Use these social channels to spread the word regarding the wide spectrum of dishes you serve, positive reviews, hygienic cooking practices you implement, along with introducing your chefs. Encourage your customers to post photos of dining at your place and share reviews by present special offers and discounts.

5.    Contests and Games

Contests and games don’t just get older when marketing for a family place, be it a grocery mall or fashion store. Don’t just serve the food in a dull-setting; give them a big reason to have unforgettable family moments. This can only be done by engaging them with crazy contests & games. You offer gifts such a free meal or movie tickets. This can be implemented once the customer steps in your establishment and on the many social media platforms.

6.    Build Partnerships with Popular Local Food Bloggers

Invite local bloggers having a good online presence to your restaurant/café in order to garner genuine reviews. Their one Instagram post can open the floodgates of daily traffic. Share the positive ratings on your restaurant site and over the many social channels.

7.    Join Partner Delivery Services Portals

The concept of delivery services is booming over the global scale. Nowadays, people are hooked to browse multiple menus from different restaurants with virtual and order from one that aligns with their criteria. Whether you are new busies or a well-established restaurant, your monthly revenue graph will step rise with your decision of teaming up with partner delivery service provider.

8.    Coupons & Discounts Are Like a Gaming Changing Weapon

What better way to market your restaurant/café than giving away coupons. Get your business registered on a local e-commerce saving site and there publish offers to tempt those in hunt of local deals.

In Conclusion

Hope, the above mentioned eight tips are helpful in your pursuit of market your business’. The best part, most of these are proven to amp the sales slope of hospitality businesses without putting much burden on their financial shoulder.

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1.    What Are Five Budget-Friendly Ways to Kick-Start Promotion for My New Restaurant?

The five low-cost ideas to market your new restaurant are as follows-

•    First, on the list, you need to motivate your staff to go that extra mile in serving the customers best.

•    Have a thoughtful social media marketing plan in execution.

•    Get your restaurant on Google Maps

•    Create an attractive menu, as this is the king of restaurant promotion.

•    Have a loyalty program to appreciate your regular customers

2.    Should I Buy New or Used Restaurant Equipment?

This depends upon your monetary sources. Initially, if you don’t have enough budget to invest in new commercial kitchen equipment, you can start your restaurant with the used ones. Petra Equipment is Australia’s leading supplier for new & old kitchen appliances and tools, covering top global brands at the best prices.

3. What Kind of Licenses and Permits Do I Need to Open a Restaurant?

This varies from city to another. You need to seek a consultant who can guide you with filling for licenses and permits when starting a restaurant business.

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