How to choose the right commercial dishwasher

How to choose the right commercial dishwasher

A commercial dishwasher can be a costly affair if you do not take complete care of it. Buy a good quality dishwasher (preferably made of steel) and take good care of it-and you can relax for the next 20 years or even more!


But there are many new restaurant owners who buy a commercial dishwasher in Sydney, use it under heavy loads, and do not give proper time for its maintenance. And as a result, these dishwashers break down very soon. In case you are looking for a device for commercial cleaning, make sure that you follow these tips for maintenance:



Before you put dishes in dishwasher, make sure you rinse them. A powerful sprayer would be enough for this task. Just install the spray over the kitchen sink and the dishes will not have any waste on them as they go in the dishwasher.



It is best to load the machine completely before starting it. Working on it with half load means waste of time and energy. This will also make sure that the dishwasher has to do less cycles. Thus there would be less cleaning to do, increasing the life of the machine.



Take care that the water temperature stays below 140o. There is no point in going above this temperature, and it will only waste the energy of the dishwasher. Any commercial dishwasher in Sydney would give best results if the water temperature is below 140o.



To keep the commercial dishwasher healthy, you need to pay attention to its filters that are used for commercial cleaning purposes. Check them regularly and clean them as they get dirty. The more you pay attention to them, the longer they will last, thus keeping your commercial dishwasher last long.



The rinse pressure should not be more than 15-25 pounds/inch2. An energy efficient commercial dishwasher in Sydney will save your money.

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