About Rational CMP 61, CMP 101 and SCC WE 61, SCC WE 101 combi ovens - Review

1.Rational CMP 61 model

One of the distinct features of this model is that it allows cooking in large volumes. In this regard, the oven has a capacity to fit in 6 trays that are each 65mm deep. The model ensures the highest standards of hygiene as it enables automatic cleaning of steam generator and cooking temperature and an easy manual cleaning program.

Moreover, with the oven one is able to have a 5-stage setting of humidity measurement. Humidity measurement is at the very center of quality cooking.

In addition, the model is designed with the SelfCooking Centre technology that eliminates all the manual processes in cooking such as manual setting of time and humidity levels. Such technical features are fully automated. This goes into saving ones business expenses on training staff on the equipment's use.

2.Rational CMP 101 model

Rational CMP 101 Model is a combination of both an oven and a steam oven. All one has to do is to select if they need to use the equipment as an oven or as a steam oven or a combination of both. In addition, one is able to perform a variety of cooking styles without the need to use different appliances. Specifically, this model is able to save up to 5 to 6 equipment that could have been used for the various cooking functions. This undoubtedly not only saves on kitchen space but also on expenses that could be used for that equipment's purchase.

To save up on cooking time, the oven is designed to perform up to 50 programs at a go. Moreover, such programs can be individually monitored and can be programmed to perform up to six steps in each program. On the fundamental need to maintain hygiene, the model has both self-cleaning and manual cleaning programs. In addition, this model is ideal for large volume cooking because it has the capacity to fit in 10 trays that are each deep. Furthermore, the model has the ability to do a self- diagnosis and give a notice for any need of servicing. Such notices are displayed on the control panel.

The oven is also specifically designed with a thermometer at its base. This enables the oven measure the internal heat and uses the heat that is needed.

Determining whether food is properly cooked is one of the technical areas in cooking. Some determine such readiness by observing browning or number of rising of the baking. To make such determinations very easy and accurate, one is able to connect the core temperature probe. A temperature probe is the ideal way to test the doneness of meat.

3. Rational SCC WE 61

One distinct feature of this equipment is its versatility character. To start with, this model is able to do individual programming of up to 350 programs. Simply put, you can have as many as 350 cooking programs running at the same time. Further, such programs may be set with each program having as many as 12 steps. All the 350 foods that can be cooked at the same time assuredly give optimal results.

Further, the model is designed with the HiDensity technology that ensures even distribution of heat in the oven. More so, the technology ensures that the oven is able to effectively retain heat and therefore save up on energy.

In addition the oven is able to perform up to 5 different cooking modes. Such cooking modes include manual mode, recipe programs and automatic programs. One would use a manual program if they need to be creative and be innovative on recipes. Untrained staffs that have no knowledge on using the oven on the other hand will use the automatic program while the recipe program will be in use in banqueting and catering.

4. Rational SCC WE 101

With the option of up to 5 fan speed, this oven model enables you to choose the ideal convection feature for each cooking. One may choose to have fast speed flow of air, slow speed and even completely disable this feature. Furthermore, one is able to cook up to 350 different kinds of meals the same time with each program set separately. Such programs can be set to each do as many as 12 steps. Such cooking steps are selected through a very easy procedure that is displayed on the oven's control panel and the oven left to do it all.

In addition, having had the experience for need for proper regulation of humidity during cooking and what a daunting task it is, this model has been designed with the Climaplus technology. This feature has eliminated all the laborious procedures that are involved in humidity regulation.in this regard, the feature allows for manual set of humidity range as well as allowing for automatic selection of humidity. The sensors in this regard measures the humidity in the ovens cabinet and adjusts according to humidity needs in the oven. Presence of humidity especially for bread baking helps achieve quality results .This is because it helps delay crust formation by slowing down the dehydration process.

Most importantly, these models come with a 12 months warranty for parts and labor.

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