Rational Combi Oven in Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour

About Rational

Rational combi ovens offer the best service in terms of preparing different types of food at a quick and convenient rate. It has taken the lead on the market due to its versatility, convenience, and other numerous advantages. With its multifunctional nature, this type of oven allows caterers to prepare many types of food in varied styles without application of many appliances. It therefore combines a wide range of cooking styles while offering chefs with an excellent opportunity for self-cooking. It is approximated that a Rational combi oven can prepare 90 percent of all commercial foodservice operations. In general, 120 million types of meals are prepared using Rational combi ovens commercial worldwide. This is a perfect proof that this unique type of combi oven is efficient and effective in performing a variety of cooking tasks for which it is intended. 

Chefs can utilize this Rational cooking appliance in different ways, both as instructed in the user manual and also in other ways not explained in the instructions to get the most out of it. For instance, instructions do not include frying but it can be used as a commercial deep fryer. Therefore, chips and your best coated food products meant for fryings like fish fingers and chicken nuggets can be made to give the best test when prepared using this combi oven with clean oil. With the growing need for healthier fried food types in the sectors that require large-scale food preparation such as hospitals and schools, Rational combi ovens can successfully substitute other forms of cooking appliances.

Although grilling is not often associated with a combi oven, many food types prepared through grilling can perfectly be cooked in a combi oven. These foods include breakfast foodstuffs like sausage, bacon, hash browns, black pudding and fried bread. Using a Rational type of combi oven will result in the quick preparation of such foods. You can use this appliance to prepare them in a bulk and retain the crispiness coming from grilling or frying through forced hot air.

Flavor transfer is another feature of the multifunctional Rational combi ovens. This means that different foods and their varying methods of preparation can be achieved using this oven at any given time of the day. For instance, you can roast chicken, steam fish as well as finish off your frozen bakery desserts. This implies that different smells and flavors can pervade the oven cavity, leading to flavor transfer. Although sometimes flavor transfer can be undesirable, in most cases it is important, saving you time and resources. If you feel no need for flavor transfer, you can always keep your combi oven clean and you won’t have any form flavor transfer.

Our Rational Ovens are supplied from Comcater, who are home to the world's leading brands. Check out our Comcater page to view more information.

Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour

Petra Equipment deliver and services  NSW cities such as Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour. In summary, food preparation using Rational combi oven can be an adventure in itself for all chefs. Whether you intend to cook, bake, roast or fry large volumes of food, this type of uniquely designed oven is the best option for you. You can have your roast salmon, cooked meat, sponge salmon or even baked bread with the convenience of this appliance. Having it for commercial or large-scale use is even advantageous because it eliminates challenges associated with limited space and consumes little space in preparing large volumes of food. Its versatile nature has made it one of the world’s best cooking appliances. With nice customer reviews and high rating, Rational combi oven is worth buying. For more simple applications, you can always use a convection oven.

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