Rational the new Series of Combi Ovens " White Efficiency"

Discover the new range of Rational SelfCookingCenter® Combi Oven.

Why we call the new Series intelligent Combi Oven?

  • it monitors heat and moisture every second to deliver the perfect result guaranteed.
  • It’s smart enough to cook up to 10 different dishes at once and even cleans itself.
  • It’s flexibility meets efficiency - steam, bake and roast all in one cooking technology.


For all Rational Combi Ovens , there are 3 cooking options:

  • Steam cooking mode from 30°C to 130°C
  • Convection / dry heat
  • Combined steam (hot steam)

The new Series includes a full automatic cleaning process. You just need some rational cleaning tablets and you can just go home earlier while your Rational is getting cleaned with hot steam, specific tablets and it will shut down by itself.

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