5 Easy Steps for Rational Oven Cleaning

5 Easy Steps for Rational Oven Cleaning

Some of the most intelligent machines available in the catering industry include the rational range of combination ovens. But when it comes to cleaning, it doesn’t matter what kind of oven you have, cleaning it is one of the most tedious chores. So, is it enough to clean it with a regular cloth or is there more to the process of cleaning? We’ve provided an easy to follow cleaning guide for your Rational Oven.

Many of the modern rational ovens automatic cleaning software built into them, but the fact cannot be denied that dirt, grease and cooked food can accumulate around hard-to-reach areas of the oven. Automatic programs, like the clean jet, showcase cleaning on the screen, the users just have to follow the instructions visible on the screen menu. These cleaning products use less coarse materials, which are not only good for the oven, but also for the environment as they are less chemically intense.

Here are the 5 tips to maintain hygiene for your rational oven:

  1. You must use relevant Rational Oven Cleaning Products for your oven’s make and model. This maintains the high quality of stainless steel for hygiene reasons and avoids operation faults and hence downtime.
  2. You should wipe over the door gasket at least daily with a non-abrasive cleaning agent. This should be made a ritual if the oven is used in constant high temperatures.
  3. The drip tray collector needs to be wiped over / cleaned daily, to avoid any deposits.
  4. Your rational oven will let you know when the air filter requires cleaning. On the table-top units can easily be cleaned by the customer, simple is the matter of the dishwasher on floor units, where a service agent will need to replace it.
  5. Apply grease or vegetable oil (to prevent corrosion) on the inside of the cooking cabinet at regular intervals (every 2 weeks or so).

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For more detailed information, read the manual of your unit.

Products required for Rational Oven Cleaning

All Rational Self-cooking Center Units (SCC) may require the following products, which you can use to keep the oven clean due to their specific formulation to minimize the fuss and maximize effectiveness:

  • Cleaner Tabs – The cleaning tablets detects the time that cleaning is required and takes into account working patterns to get the best clean. The system also reminds you about the cleaning at regular intervals until the cleaning is carried out so you won’t forget. These highly concentrated tablets have been developed with a new complex set of active ingredients designed to guarantee maximum cleaning experience.
  • Care Tabs – They have special ingredients or scale-dissolving ingredients, contained to prevent lime-scale from building up, giving reliability in the absence of the water softener and the need for time-consuming descaling.
  • Rinse Aid Tabs – Rinse Aid Tabs are highly effective care product, which ensures active protection and will leave your cabinet clean and sparkling.
  • Grill Cleaners – You would require a liquid grill cleaner and liquid rinse aid, as well as other items like hand spray gun for manual cleaning of CM units.

Safety Measures

  • Never forget to wear gloves when handling the detergent tablets.
  • Don’t open the rational oven door during the cleaning process.
  • Always make sure that the racks are correctly inserted into the cooking cabinet, before starting the cleaning process.
  • Only use Rational branded tablets which are from top companies and ensure high-quality cleaning. Other tablets or plastic makes may damage the machine and harm your warranty.
  • Avoid putting tablets into a hot cooking cabinet, or else chances are that it may get damaged. Let the cabinet cool first and then insert the tablets.  

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