The Roband range of products and its benefits

The Roband range of products and its benefits

Roband brand prides of a vast experience in the manufacture of catering equipment has rendered it a well reputable brand in the industry. The brand’s great reputation is however not by mistake. Their range of products includes a hot food display, conveyor toaster, pie and food warmer equipment and many more.

One of the top benefits is that Roband products are designed for economical energy use. Foremost, the products are designed with steel. More so, the steel material is made thick enough for maximum energy retention. One of the models here are the Roband GT-700 Griddle model that is constructed using 8mm thick steel plate and their new donut fryer model. Moreover, the products contain compacted elements.

Another advantage is that the ranges of products are versatile. For instance, the electric griddle toaster is designed for independent operation of the plate and toaster cooking functionalities. On the other hand boiler plates feature up to six heat settings per plate. Notably, the hot boiler plates are also built to be used for outside catering due to their portability. The equipment may be used for a variety of cooking options including boiling, simmering and frying. 

To add on versatility feature, Roband ranges of products are available in a wide range of capacity. The rice warmer equipment for instance are available in the 5.4 litre capacity, 6 liter and the 10 liter bowl capacity. 

The products are also available give customers a wide range of colours to choose from. Roband milk shakes for instance are available in four colours. They are red, chrome, white and black. Yo ucan find more of the variables in any hospitality superstore.

Due to the brands long experience in the manufacture of commercial kitchen equipment, the brand understand the different customer needs thus its high regard to versatility. Here, customers have a choice of different capacity equipment and equipment of carrying performance.

Where need be for fast performance, customers may prefer the toaster with 360 pieces per hour output toaster.  

For effective temperature control, the equipment are designed with highly effective thermostat controls. This includes the pie and food warmer equipment. For a more effective temperature control, Roband PA100 food and pie products is designed with a double skin cavity. Ultimately, these features cut down on power usage. 

Another benefit is that the equipment is appealing making them ideal for commercial use. Some of the models include having a silver hammertone finish, a full view glass and a pilot indicator. 

Also, the brand combines everything a customer may need in the same equipment. For instance, hot food display is designed with utmost performance and elegance. In this regard, the equipment has a double- rowed cabinet that allows for maximum storage. More so, the equipment is designed with elegance. To this extent, customers are able to view the food due to the model's full glass design. The unit also helps maintain the stored food at the correct serving temperatures.

In addition, the products are easy to use. This includes having removable compartments and having an easy to clean material. In this regard the Roband GT-700 electric griddle toaster and Roband TCR15 conveyor toaster have a removable crumb tray.

Most importantly, Roband ranges of products are safe to use. The rice warmer for instance is fitted with a burn proof pad while the pie and food warmer models have a toughened safety glass. 

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