About Robot Coupe's cl50, R2 and r301 Ultra machines - Review

The quality of food is not only dependent on good cooking but also on good preparation. As we may know, Vegetables not only add more flavors to food but also complement a meal. Preparing such vegetables by hand is however one of the most daunting tasks in a commercial kitchen. Such preparations are not only very tiresome, to but also pose risks of injuries. These risks include cutting one's finger. Moreover, manual preparation of vegetables is time consuming and the result is usually roughly cut- shaped vegetables. Vegetables to be used for salads need to be in shapes cut with precision to be attractive when served. The ideal shape and uniform size is rarely achieved in manual preparation. Read more about the Robot Coupe Company Profile US Branch.

To this extent, Robot Coupe brand has had a vast of years’ experience in manufacture of food preparation equipment for commercial use. Some of its top models are the Robot Coupe Juicer and Robot Coupe CL 50, R301 Ultra and R2.

1.Robot Coupe CL 50.

Robot Coupe CL 50 is a vegetables preparation machine that performs all the manual work of cutting, slicing, grating and shredding in a commercial kitchen.

One distinct feature of this model of vegetable preparation machine is its large hopper. Specifically, the hopper has a surface area of 139 cm2. This means that the machine can comfortably accommodate bulky vegetables such as cabbages without the need to cut them to smaller sizes to fit in. To maximize on space and size, the models has 50 available discs that are all stainless steel. The discs will undoubtedly allow multi -tasking as some discs could be used in shredding while others are used in grating and others slicing.

For best quality and cutting with precision, the model has a cylindrical hopper to ensure delicate and long vegetables are processed or diced with precision. The cylindrical hopper measures 58mm. Embracing the features of the Robot Coupe E-series, the machine's parts are designed to allow easy cleaning of any part that may be exposed to the foods being prepared. The model is specifically designed to allow the highest hygienic standards of hygiene. Moreover, the lid is designed as not to allow any nook and crannies that could hide any food residues.

To ensure the machine is strong to hold large quantities of vegetables, it is designed with the poly carbonate motor base. This ensures the machine is able to withstand processing of large quantities. A large amount of vegetables is thus comfortably processed. The machine is also designed with both the single phase and three phase power for better energy effectiveness.

2. Robot Coupe R301 Ultra.

R301 is a 2in1 machine that serves the functions of a vegetable preparation machine and a cutter bowl. The bowl cutter is used for chopping meat into fine and precise small shapes while the vegetable preparation attachment is used for all the slicing, grating chopping and grating.

For easy cleaning, the machine has easily removable lid and bowl for cleaning. Moreover, the E- series has introduced to this model a new lid design for easy and quick use.

In addition, size considerations have been well taken care of. The model's bowl is able to fit in .moreover, the cylindrical hopper is ideal for delicate and long vegetables such as courgettes to give them a precise slicing. The hopper in this regard has a surface area of 104cm2 to smoothly fit in . The cutter bowl capacity is 3.7 liters and has a capacity of 23 discs. The discs are made with full stainless material to ensure no corrosion. This model would be ideal for a small size restaurant or any small business in the food industry.

To save up on time, r301 ultra is designed with high performance technology. Preparing a carrot puree for instance will only take up 2 minutes.

3. Robot Coupe R2.

This model of a table- top cutter has a bowl capacity of 2.9 liters and thus ideal for small volume vegetable preparation. Moreover, the machine is designed with both smooth and serrated blades. Each blade is ideal for certain purposes and this thus ensures one's hands are not tied down to particular blade. In this regard, serrated blades have the advantage of being easier to cut rough or tough vegetables without much energy. Serrated blades are also ideal for vegetables and with a waxy surface such as tomatoes and peppers. The serrated blades are however not ideal for use in chopping or slicing small items such as garlic and berries.

To this extent, the model has the option of choosing to use the fine serrated blade and coarse serrated blades. A fine- serrated blade is ideal for best results in slicing tender vegetables such as parsley. Finally, the model is designed with polycarbonate motor base to ensure the machine is able to withstand the weight of large quantities of vegetables. 

For a long time, small kitchens have been left short of options because most commercially designed kitchen equipment are too large for their needs. These models therefore come in very handy for such kitchens. The above vegetable preparation machine, table- top cutter machine and combined bowl cutter and vegetable preparation machine are available at very competitive prices. Purchases or rental of these machines can be effected trough visiting our website, https://www.petraequipment.com.au/robot-coupe

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