The need for Signage & Branding in Restaurants

No matter if it's a small business restaurant or one that is attached to a larger corporate chain, a restaurant is ultimately a venue filled with sign opportunities. It's easy to weigh yourself down with chalkboards, laminate, cardboard, and paper. As a matter of fact, it can look like a mess. Sometimes it looks like a teenager's room with signs everywhere pointing to the washroom, displaying the daily specials, chalkboards of cute messages, menus, etc.

Within the past twenty years, there has been a revolution in signage moving it slowly towards digital replacement. Digital signage solutions are already readily available in public spaces such as city train stations, sports arenas, hotels, corporate buildings, and yes - some restaurants. Giving your restaurants digital signage can mean a sleek, professional look that will add an extra ambiance to the atmosphere created in your establishment.

Get rid of the clutter

Through using digital signage that regularly rotates between multiple messages can mean eliminating the mess. One can insert multiple messages into the digital rotation that include special video and graphics to catch the viewer's attention. Advertise promotional contests, deals, special menu items, and drink discounts.

Placement is everything

No one wants to be eating dinner with a video screen behind their heads as they're trying to engage the person seated across from them in a conversation. Digital signage can easily be placed among the greeters and hostesses near the front of the restaurant. That way, anyone waiting to be seated has something to look at to get their minds off the wait. Keep them away from the main dining area or, if one must include one here, to have it placed high enough to ensure that no one is catching it at eye level.

Promote new items with a strategized graphic

Let's say if there's a new menu item that is struggling to find itself an audience or perhaps there's special that the waitresses aren't quite pushing as much as you'd like, high-definition graphics mixed in with flashy colors can catch eyes if placed correctly in your restaurant. Use this opportunity to promote the heck out of menu items and watch them win over your customers' appetites!

No need to replace menus by hand

If you're a restaurant that moves between breakfast, lunch, and supper menu, then that is a prime opportunity. Restaurant signage can mean that you pre-program menus to change automatically at different times throughout the day. Put it in once. Simple as that.

Be friendly to the environment!

There's no need to repeat printings of menus, promotions, and notices on paper. This means less in cost for the business owner, keeps more out of our landfills and keeps it interesting for the customer.

There is a broad range of uses for digital signage in a restaurant location. These temporary digital signage solutions put more control in the form of the business owner and should one be operating multiple restaurants then they'll be reassured that all locations have the same information displayed. Consider digital marketing signage for your restaurant. Give it a try and see the difference it makes to not only you and your business but to employees and customers alike.

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