Stainless Steel Shelves and Storage

Optimizing your storage space

Any company working in the food business will need to optimize their storage space to stock the necessary volume of food for their business to operate including restaurant, wholesaler, distributor, takeaway and etc.. While some food might be light, you should always forecast any future changes and for this reason, we always recommend to get a stainless steel shelves instead of any other materials. Remember you have the choice between wall mounted shelves, under bench, cupboard, classic shelves and in wall.

Choosing carefully the dimensions

Most of our stainless steel shelves come in pack and can be easily transported into any rooms, however you still need to be careful on the dimensions. If you are stocking some heavy materials or food such as  potatoes, you don't want to have small deep shelves, count at least 600mm deep. Make sure to get the right information prior purchasing. If you are handling food, you can alternatively purchase epoxy shelving for hygienic purposes.

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