The different type of commercial freezers

The different type of commercial freezers

When opening a new restaurant, huge freezers and refrigeration units will be required to keep large amounts of food and liquor at a controlled storage temperature. Installing high-end commercial refrigeration systems is essential for each food store such as restaurants, cafes, etc. to protect items of food getting damaged by high temperature. Commercial freezers are an excellent choice for preservation of fresh food products, and you can choose the one according to the need of your restaurant type. The commercial freezers and refrigerators come in a wide range of sizes and usage type.

Browse through the list below to get an insight about a different type of commercial freezers:

  1. 1.         Single Door Freezer

If your restaurant is high-functioning, busy, commercial kitchen, it’ll be beneficial for you to buy a single door freezer. You can place it anywhere in the restaurant where it has the most demand, like the side of the bar right out of the customers’ sight. Single Door Freezers have the capability to store a lot of various foods and drink items in a segmented and shelved interior.

  1. 2.         Glass Door Freezer

Commercial Glass door freezers are usually suitable for restaurant kitchens. They can store a range of various foods and frozen items, and be simply accessible for chefs. Glass door freezers can even be used to display items like frozen dessert, frozen foods, and more. Petra Equipment offers a large choice of commercial glass door freezers. Be sure to keep in mind the dimensions, and therefore the interior capability before making your purchase.

  1. 3.         Commercial Upright Freezer

Commercial upright freezers consist of multiple sections for maximum storage. Their storage volume is determined by the cubic feet of the equipment. Hospitality experts at Petra Equipment advise keeping these units toward the back of the kitchen, where their performance is best away from the heated line of cooking. This is an important thing to be aware of if you want to keep your stored food at the best holding temperature.

  1. 4.         Chest Freezer

Chest freezers are similar to a chest or box, opening from the top. They are great for storing food items that are packaged to stack well, like ice-creams. Some chest freezers are designed specifically for storing bottles and cans of beer; these often have a bottle opener situated on the exterior of the unit.

  1. 5.         Worktop Freezer

Worktop freezers or benchtop freezers are kept near the food prep area for easy access to things that are needed most often while cooking. Worktop freezers are smaller in size but offer a reinforced, flat top surface made of steel, which can be used for food prep and similar tasks.

Summing up

Focus on the quality and reliability of the products while making your purchase. If you have any query, feel free to connect with Petra Equipment.

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