What is the use of a meat mincer for a butcher?

In terms of meat, minced meat dishes, you know how we simply love meat and a good number of us are also hunters.To be able to grind meat, you simply assemble the meat mincer with the plate you desire and take your sizable meat and feed it through the grinder. Through the mechanical process of the grinder, the meat is able to be compressed through its cutting system. The size of the last grinding plate determines the degree of mincing.A cold and firm, not frozen, meat is recommended for an ideal grinding to take place without sticking up the meat mincer.

Because of the importance of a meat mincer, increasingly they are becoming an essential tool for big food businesses such as grocery stores, delis and of course, commercial butchers. It is also important to note that increasingly many prefer home meat grinding because of several benefits that can be realized. Often with butchers, the meat mincer is mechanized and as a result there are chemicals to sanitize the process of slaughtering. These chemicals can have an impact on the quality of the meat. The three main benefits of home meat grinders/mincers are;

I. Improved meat texture

Unlike with pre-ground meat, a fresh grinding is able to keep the meat loose and also improve the level of moisture and the texture.

II. Better flavor

There is better flavor since the meat is fresh. Additionally, you have control on the types of cuts that go into your meat mincer and for that reason you are able to control the content of fat. If you have a great butcher, the better than having to use the supermarket meat.

III. Safer

Through home grinding of meat, the contaminants often associated with pre-packaged beef are eliminated.

Considerations When Buying a Meat Mincer/Grinder

· The size of the grinder

Whether you are a commercial butcher or the meat grinder is to be used at home, size is really important. Grinders often have numbers assigned to them which indicate their size. Some of the industry standards for grinder sizes are 22 and 32, while there are smaller and even bigger sizes. The benefits of a larger meat mincer are that it will have a high power and a larger feeding tube.

· The amount of the meat to be minced

Definitely if you are to process large amounts of meat then a larger meat mincer will be needed. With a larger feeding tube, it means more meat is able to be put in for processing at a time and also you will not have to cut smaller pieces of meat.

· What you are to grind

Most of the commercial grinders available especially for home use are not great for grinding bones. Also, some game meats such as elk, wild boar and venison are much tougher compared to beef, pork and chicken meat. Choose a meat mincer that is effective.

· Budget

We all know that most of us work within our tight budgets. So, ordinarily there are those meat grinders we may not be able to spend on because of their pricing. One important thing to note is that you should think of a meat mincer as an investment. For example, if you are a poacher buying a meat grinder that lasts would be economical in the long run than having to pay for processing services.

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