Wega Coffee Machines

Wega Coffee Machines ranges from:

1. Wega atlas EVD
This commercial coffee machine is an essential part of anyone who values perfection, It offers two of the coffee brewing groups.It is as well assembled on smallest chassis.It is made available in the compact versions, electronic; EVD and semi-automatic; EPU.

2. Wega sphera EVD
It is manufactured with elegant design lines that are pleasing to the eyes.It contains six programmable doses of each group, brewing button which is operated manually, steam wands (two in number) each having slide lever tap and electronic controlled cup warmer.

3. Wega concept Evd
It is multiple boilers, saves energy by distributing power to boilers that are required.It also offers five safety features on services boilers and four on individual coffee boilers.

4. Wega Polaris 2015 Evd
This coffee machine has a wide range of settings.Four programmable volumetric dosages each group, manual overriding brew section, automatic water refilling and auto level and illuminated touch pad.It also has L.E.D side panels as well as barista shot lights (L.E.D)

5. Wega Pegaso EVD
This also contains four programmable doses each group and a brewing button that is operated manually.It has steam wands (two in number), automatic boiler refilling system, built-in pump and motor, and one hot water out letting system.

6. Wega Mininova classic
It is a type of coffee machine that is worthwhile buying.It has been well completed with the (EMA) retro' style classic version.The machine contains one steam wand, built in vibrating pumps, water reservoir, and one hot water tap.

7. Wega Mininova (EVD/EPU)
It is an excellent coffee machine that is liked by many people.There are two versions of it; semi-automatic and electronic.They contain built-in pump for the water mains connectivity, one point five liters water reservoir and a brewing button (EPU) which is manually operated.

8. Wega Polaris Evd
The Polaris has four programmable doses each group and hot water tap.In addition, it has a compact version and good for all small cafes and baristas.This is because it has an alphanumeric display which shows time, date, quantification of coffee, water softener alarm and programming of the daily power on or off.

9. Wega sphera Tron EVD
The machine contains 6 programmable doses each group, hot water tap containing electronic dose and a brewing button operated manually.Like Wega Polaris Evd it also contains a multifunctional display that is alphanumeric.

10. Wega vela vintage EVD
it can be used easily in a bar or a small cafe.It contains touchpads that are retro-illuminated and waterproof.Also, its brewing button is manually operated and has a programmable water tap.The two wands are made of stainless steel.In addition, there is the electric cup warming system and an electronic temperature controlling system.

These products ( Wega Coffee Machines range) are ten in number and all of them deliver the best to the user.With the provided information you can be able to plan your budget well.After doing that. go for the best and have one of these products for yourself and family or even for commercial purpose.

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