What is Sous Vide Cooking?

If you see the words "sous vide" and immediately feel confused, do not worry, we are here to help dispel all of your uncertainty. The main question that we want to address for you is: What is Sous Vide Cooking? In this article, however, we will provide you with more than just a clear and easily understandable definition of this unique cooking method. We will also give you a few helpful tips and tricks to actually put this cooking method into practice at home in your own kitchen. Read on to learn more.

First and Foremost, What is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous Vide is a traditional, French cooking technique that involves cooking food in a vacuum-sealed pouch, in a hot water bath, at a very specific temperature. We know what you are thinking - this doesn't sound like a traditional cooking method at all. But, this method has roots all the way back in the 1970's, when a famous French culinary leader, Chef Georges Pralus, developed this innovative and effective technique in his own restaurant.

One of the main reasons that you most likely haven't heard of the Sous Vide cooking technique, is that it only recently moved its way outside of the walls of the kitchens in 5-star restaurants, and into the hands of everyday people looking to advance their at-home cooking skills and try a new technique. You can rest assured that there are many novice and less advanced people all across the world that have adopted the Sous Vide method right at home.

Precise temperature in a heated water bath

The main differentiating factor for Sous Vide cooking versus other methods is that it involves cooking food at an extremely specific and precise temperature in a heated water bath. If you are used to focusing your cooking technique almost entirely around set cooking times, this Sous Vide method is going to be somewhat of an adjustment. The good news on this element of the Sous Vide cooking technique is that most water bath machines have really straightforward temperature settings, so it takes most of the stress off your hands. All you really have to do is press a button for the temperature you need.

As we mentioned before, the Sous Vide method is most recognizable for its unique use of a vacuum sealed container that you enclose your food in prior to cooking. Whether you are cooking steak, chicken, or vegetables, the process is always the same with Sous Vide cooking: Season your food to your liking, seal the food inside a food grade cooking pouch, place the bag inside of your water pot or oven, and set your temperature. Just don't forget the final step! Once you hear your machine signal, remove the bag and sit down to prepare to be amazed by your delicious and perfectly cooked food.

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