4 Reasons to Move to Wood Fired Pizza Ovens



The demand for a Wood Fired Pizza Oven is rapidly increasing due to the time it takes a pizza to cook. These ovens can cook a pizza in minutes while maintaining a high temperature. The temperature of the ovens can exceed 500°c and can stay at that temperature throughout the entirety of the cooking process. Unlike a commercial gas oven, where it can take up to 15 minutes to bake a pizza, Wood Fired ovens cut your cooking time by 60%. Perfect for cooking multiple pizza’s quickly for a busy, fast-paced restaurant. The wood fired ovens require little maintenance saving even more time at the end of a tiring day.



For health conscious individuals, wood fired ovens retain a pizza’s nutritional value while keeping flavour intact. Unlike commercial gas ovens, wood fired ovens don’t deplete any antioxidants or nutrients, increasing the overall taste and quality of a pizza. It is impossible to replicate the flavour and crispy texture of a wood fired pizza using a gas oven. It is perfect for an Italian restaurant that wants to give their customers a slice of Italy. These ovens provide not only high-quality taste but adds character to an Italian Restaurant. Take a look at our Shop Fit Out’s to get a quote today!



Want to maintain a green lifestyle? Look no further at a Wood Fired Pizza Oven. You will notice a decrease in energy consumption meaning lower costs for your business. Australia does have restrictions on oven such as these so make sure you check your local community regulations on wood burning so that you are able to cook like a Professional.



It’s not just an oven for pizza, you are able use this for many other types of food, making this oven one of the best in the market. It is a true culinary delight, cooking meals evenly and quickly. Cooking for an event? This Wood Fired Pizza Oven is perfect for cooking multiple meals at a time making it economical and efficient. Produce true Neapolitan Style Pizza’s using our extensive range of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. The Vesuvio range can cook up to 18 pizzas at any one time.

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