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Butcher Equipment

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Butcher Equipment

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meat equipment

New Butcher Equipment

Find all your Butcher Equipment at Petra Equipment. You can buy all your Butcher Supplies online on our website or at our warehouse. We have more than 10 different Butcher Equipment that suit any type of restaurants, cafes & hospitality businesses. Find below, a full range of Butcher Equipment for every kind of businesses: small & large. We supply commercial butcher equipment Nationwide. We provide custom meat displays & shop fit out. Contact us today for more information.

Butcher Supplies

Petra Equipment exists to provide you with the equipment, expertise and help you need to produce your own tender steaks and succulent sausages. We are located in Sydney Australia. We supplies a wide range of Butchers Equipment to suit every butchers needs, such as Refrigerated Displays, Cutting Boards, Mincers, Slicers, Benches and custom meat displays.

Cutting & Mincing Equipment

All of your necessary equipment for your business are at Petra. We supply the whole range of professional cutting equipment such as manual and electrical mincer, mixer and meat bandsaw or sausage machine, sausage filler and other equipment that help you to process meat and deliver quality meats.

Which Butcher Equipment should I buy?

Petra Equipment provides a wide range of Commercial butcher equipment in Australia including the new Series of Noaw meat slicers and Thompson industrial sausage fillers. With over 25 years experience, our teams have been working on multiple projects and we are confident about our level of expertise. When you are looking to buy butchery equipment online or at our warehouse, you will need to look at 3 main variables: how much you need to produce, the type of meat you selling and how much are you panning to produce in the next 6 months. Petra Equipment hold most of the brands in stock, however if you are after a specific model, you will need to contact us and list the equipment you are after. Create your own brand takes time and Petra Equipment is here to help you in the process of improving your business on a daily basis. Submit your list of Equipment today.

We invite you to browse butcher equipment per brands: Anvil, Apuro, Brice, Rheninghaus, Roband and Thompson.