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Cafe & Drink Equipment

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Cafe & Drink Equipment

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  • Anvil Alto CES0001 ‘Skymsen’ Citrus Juicer

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  • Anvil Aire JDA0001 Single Bowl Juice Dispenser

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  • Anvil Aire JDA0002 Double Bowl Juice Dispenser 2x12L

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  1. Brand: Anvil

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Petra Equipment sell a full range of equipment for cafe, takeaway and juice bar shop from pourer to coffee machine, coffee grinder and milkshake mixer.

What you need to open a coffee shop

Several people dream of having and managing their own coffee shop. However, the reality is that establishing one is going to cost much in terms of startup. Before sitting down and writing your business plan, you ought to know the café equipment you’ll need to start a coffee shop. 

Espresso Equipment

No coffee shop today is complete without espresso drinks. Your clients will not just need drip coffee. They’ll need espresso shots, lattes, café mochas and americanos. To offer these, you’ll require a commercial coffee machine. This is a machine designed specifically to force hot water via espresso shots. Other equipments include a special grinder used in grinding beans. A tamp is going to be required to push into place the espresso and you’ll require also shot glasses or demitasse cups to hold the shots before pouring them into the drink. Usually metal jugs are used in holding the milk before, during as well as after steaming.

barista coffee makerCoffee Equipment

The coffee brewers utilized in commercial coffee shops hardly resemble the ones used at home. Your business requires brewers specifically designed to make plus store large amount of coffee which your customers are going to buy. Provide your coffee shop that extra touch of class with some good coffee mugs for those customers who need to take their coffee in your shop. Grinders made to grind large amount of coffee is going to let you quickly grind your coffee and sell it to your customers who lack a grinder at home.

Cafe Equipment / Furniture

A number of coffee shops are strictly just “to-go” affairs. Therefore, in this case you’ll require nothing apart from counter space for preparing your coffee. When you want customers to sit down and enjoy taking their coffee at your shop, you’ll need several comfortable seats plus tables. Outdoor seating is quite popular at coffee shops; therefore having outdoor furniture may be as significant as having indoor furniture.

Electrical and Plumbing Needs

While not “equipment,” no coffee shop, strictly speaking, may open without being fitted for the ideal plumbing and electrical requirements. Espresso equipments have particular electrical requirements more similar to a stove or fridge than your home coffee maker. Espresso machines also must be connected directly to water source in order to fulfill their water requirements. Also needed is drainage. A water softener in water line is going to prevent build up of minerals in the machines. This is among the biggest issues with coffee makers.


To majority of you, this should actually headline the list. When you’re a newcomer to the espresso business, you’re possibly shocked to learn the cost of a large commercial espresso machine. They’re much larger, and much more durable. They’re designed for daily continuous use for several years. But a machine which would be great in your home is not going to do this. You should keep in your mind what the financial picture actually is.

Return on Investment - from your cafe equipment

Not only will the cost of your equipment deductible to your coffee shop business-as a capital expense-but when you may make a reasonable volume, these commercial kitchen equipment or machines are going to pay for themselves surprisingly quick.


Cafe, Bar & Drink Equipment

Find all your cafe equipment & supplies at Petra Equipment. You can buy all your cafe & drink equipment online on our website or at our warehouse. We have more than 100 different cafe & drink equipment that suit any type of restaurants, cafes & hospitality businesses. Experiment commercial drink equipment: high volume and maintain the quality of every drop of coffee & juice. Find below, a full range of cafe and drink equipment for every kind of high quality drinks.