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commercial combi oven

Combi Oven / Combi Steamer Ovens

Find all your Combi Ovens at Petra Equipment. A commercial combi steamer helps you to produce more and gives a better result in terms of quality and taste. Petra Equipment offers a discount on all Combi Oven from Rational, Convotherm to Cobra Ovens. For many renown chefs, combi ovens are part of the crucial cooking equipment that will make your business successful. A Combi Steamer Oven are suitable for baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching and poaching. Everything can be achieved with only 1 unit. Petra Equipment offers all major brands.

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Combi Ovens

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Combi oven

Find out more about our range of Combi Ovens

Depending on your requirements, Petra Equipment will advise you which Commercial Combi Ovens suit best your kitchen.The advantages of the combi steamer technology are short cooking times and a gentle preparation method, both of which lead to enhanced vitamin and nutritional preservation when compared to other cooking methods. Our Combi Ovens are either floorstanding or benchtop (desktop).

At Petra Equipment, you will be able to find the latest Rational combi oven such as the Rational White Efficiency. It offers mature technology and supports skills of professional kitchen chef, this output will give the perfect food quality. Earlier this year, Convotherm develop the Combi Oven Convotherm 4 with 2 new concepts: easyTouch and easyDial depending on your favourite cooking process. The focus is clear: ease and functionality. We have 2 types of Combi Ovens: Electric & Gas.

Commercial Combi oven price

Depending on the selected brand, an average combi oven of 6 trays to 10 trays will cost you from $7,000 to $14,000 while a large combi ovens for hotels and large restaurant will cost you above $17,000 up to $42,000. Alternatively we sell second hand catering equipment at a discounted price.

What are combi ovens?

A commercial combi oven can cook with both moist and dry heat. This appliance will cook simultaneously salmons, rice and vegetables. They are often used in hotels and successful restaurants. The cost of a combi oven is around $8000 to $20 000. It depends on the number of trays and the technology used for cooking.

Commercial Combi oven brands

We invite you to browse our major combi oven brands: Rational, ConvothermUnox and Cobra