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Commercial Deep Fryers

commercial deep fryers

Find all your Deep Fryers at Petra Equipment. You can buy all your Deep Fryers online on our website or at our warehouse. Petra offers a wide range of deep-fryers, from traditional models up to more professional versions. View our top fryer brands: Frymaster, Dean, Blue Seal and Goldstein. Buy the best deep fryers for air frying, grilling and deep frying online or at warehouse based in Sydney.

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Deep Fryers

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  1. Brand: Austheat

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  • AUSTHEAT AF812 Pan Electric Fryers 2 Basket

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  1. Brand: Austheat

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Which Commercial Deep Fryers should I buy?

Petra Equipment provides a wide range of Commercial Deep Fryers in Australia including the new Series of Frymaster & Blue Seal and Mareno. With over 25 years experience, our teams have been working on multiple projects and we are confident about our level of expertise. When you are looking to buy a Commercial Deep Fryer online or at our warehouse, you will need to look at 3 main variables: litre oil capacity, electrical or gas requirements and the construction of the deep fryer. Petra Equipment hold most of the brands in stock, however if you are after a specific model, you will need to contact us and list the equipment you are after.

Commercial Deep fryers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra

Petra Equipment is able to provide fast shipping in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane without issue. On some commercial deep fryers we can provide free shipping in Sydney, Deep fryers are very useful in the art of cooking in the commercial context.

However there are a range of commercial deep fryers. They include All-purpose tube fryer gas. This model is unique in its usage as can be used in any type of food frying. It has two unique elliptical burner tubes with a broad surface area to help in the achievement of optimum heat transfer. This type of fryer has adjustable leg that the fryer can be adjusted according to the height of the persons using the fryer. The model is also fitted with an internal gas regulator, this helps for gas use adjustments.Another model of deep fryers is the Thor deep fryer gas. This model with is fitted with heavy treaded wheels that make it possible for one to move the fryer in cases that one want to change the position that they are cooking from while still cooking. Its tank is made of stainless steel material, known for its ability not to retain dirt after cleaning, which makes the fryer most admired. Further, the model is fitted with flame failure devices that help in instances where there is a buildup of dangerous gas in the chimney or burner of the fryer and the flame is extinguished.

Industrial Deep Fryers

Finally, the FED FC300 deep fryer is special by its corrosive resistance. This is attributed to the high quality of materials used in the making of this material. The fryer has attained SAI Global Approval certification making it a very test fryer and approved of its efficiency. The fryer also comes with a one-year warranty assuring the buyers of a replacement in its mechanical failures according to terms and conditions.

Best Deep Fryers Brands

These models from trusted brands in the manufacture of kitchen equipment such as Blue Seal, Goldstein Frymaster and Dean are available in stock at https://www.petraequipment.com.au/cooking/deep-fryers. Make sure you check if you need either a gas deep fryer or an electrical deep fryer. We also have an ebay account where we sell directly deep fryers to eBay shoppers.