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Commercial Fridges

Find all your Commercial Fridges at Petra Equipment. You can buy all your Commercial Fridges online on our website or at our warehouse. We have more than 100 different Commercial Fridges that suit any type of restaurants, cafes & hospitality businesses. We sell both commercial display fridges and commercial upright fridges. Most of them are on sale on a limited time period only. Find below, a full range of Commercial Fridges. Top brands for commercial fridges: Bromic, Skope.

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Commercial Fridges

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  1. Brand: Petra

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How to select the right commercial fridge For Your Business

There is a big difference between a commercial fridge and the normal fridge we use at home. The difference being that a commercial fridge operates in a commercial kitchen environment. The compressor of a commercial fridge such as a bench fridge is much stronger and can withstand frequent opening and closing of the fridge door. Every time the fridge door opens, there is some amount of heat that gets inside the fridge. Therefore the compressor has to work to remove that heat as soon as possible. Since a commercial fridge is opened much more frequently than a normal fridge, there is more amount of heat that goes in. Therefore a stronger compressor is needed that is only available in a commercial fridge.

commercial fridges for sale

Choosing a commercial fridge can be difficult sometimes but it can be made really easy by following these simple steps:

How much space do you need? - This really depends on the kind of restaurant that you run. If you are a huge restaurant that serves a great number of people in a single day, you will probably have a great quantity of food items to store. When that happens, you will need a huge bromic fridge, or perhaps even a small refrigerated room. However, if you run a small business, with not that many customers in a day, you will not need that big a fridge and a smaller one would be a good option for you. Thus, always be very clear on the amount of space that you will be needing for refrigerating purposes.

Operation cost versus the cost price - This is another point to ponder that you will come across.Polar fridges with low cost price may have a greater operation cost since they consume more electricity and fridges with high cost price may have a lower operation cost since they consume less electricity. In this case you should try to strike a balance based on the amount of benefits that you will get on each side. For example, you should calculate the amount of money you will save over a period of 5 years by using a low operation cost fridge and compare it to the high operation cost fridge, small and large. You can then determine which one is a better option.


Warranty - This is another extremely important factor when it comes to picking a Liebherr commercial fridge. With a high purchasing cost, if your commercial fridge stops functioning properly, it will be a loss to you. A warranty protects you against such situations. Take warranty into consideration when you are going to buy a product. Spend a little more money on extended warranty if necessary. Messing up with the warranty can be a huge mistake when you find some cheap fridges for sale. Some warranties even promise to replace the product if defects are found. There are some really good offers and one cannot afford to overlook them.

Cleaning the fridge - Since you will be dealing with food items and want to guarantee no compromise on hygiene, it is important to regularly clean the refrigerator. Therefore, you should keep in mind while buying the Skope fridge that cleaning it should be easy. While it does not look like a big deal now, if not considered, you many have problems in the future.

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Price Range, How Much Does It Cost?

Commercial Fridge costs between $600.00 to $8,000.00 per unit. The price may vary on the size, the brand, warranty and quality of the fridge.