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Frymaster FMJ250 Performance Gas Deep Fryer 2x25L

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  • Dimensions(mm):
  • Width:793
  • Depth:878
  • Height:1168
  • Weight:135.00
  • Status:Available
  • Condition:New
  • Power:220mj

Please call us before to pick up from our main warehouse in Lansvale. 1 to 3 business days to process.

Frymaster’s FPP245ESD FootPrint® PRO Filtration System is suitable for fryers with a maximum capacity of 25L.

This is designed to extend the useful life of oil, while ensuring quality fried products. It is engineered with features that allow convenient use, easier servicing and the ability to use three different filter mediums with one pan.

The filter, housed beneath two or more FootPrint-ready gas fryers, is capable of filtering up to six fryers, individually, without filter movement from fryer to fryer. 25 Litres of oil can be filtered in about three minutes, while other fryers in the battery continue cooking.

This unit utilises gravity to drain oil into the filter pan leaving drain lines free of residual oil. The filter process is as easy as:

1. Switch off the fryer.
2. Open drain valve.
3. Start filter pump.

Shipping cost

Regular Price: $25,904.00

Special Price $21,370.00

+GST ($23,507.00 including GST)

Rent to Buy  $203.00 +GST/week*

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Product Features
2 x PMJ145ESD fryers - 50L total oil capacity
Large capacity filter pan design is light weight for easy removal
Filter pan designed on rails to clear floormats
Ample cleaning space when filter pan is removed
Space saving, Convenient, Labour Saving
Increased diameter on oil pick-up tube prevents clogging
Stainless steel construction
1/3 H.P. motor
1 box of 25 prepackaged applications of Filter powder
1 box of 25 sheets Filter paper
Stainless steel crumb tray
Clean out rod