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For example, if you drink champagne, it is advisable to drink a glass of champagne. The tall, narrow design of the champagne flute pushes our nose out of the glass and lets the wine fall back on the palate while the head is tilted backward. In addition to maintaining the carbonated wine, the narrow opening in the upper part of the glass minimizes the air exposed surface and keeps the taste clean and crispy. Since we want to reduce the oxidation in champagne, it is not necessary to have a wide vessel to turn the wine.

For white wines, a little more reaction with the air is desired so that the glass is wider and shorter than a glass of champagne. A glass of white wine is designed to provide a moderate oxidation rate sufficient to dissolve the bouquet of the wine without losing its crispy taste. The white wine glasses vary as well as the white wines, so it can not be said that there is a standard. In some cases, like a buttery chardonnay, a broader shell is preferable to sticking your nose in and not looking like a glass of white wine. In general, the crate for wine should be kept narrower than glass.

After all, the glasses of red wine are usually the largest, with wide bowls and big mouths. These glasses are designed so that a large surface of the air is exposed and the wine can emit more air while drinking. Some glasses of red wine can be quite high, forcing the wine to sit deeper in the glass and retain the aromas in the glass, but the mouth is always wide enough to put your nose there while you take a sip.

These are the three basic types of glasses and they are representative of the spectrum. Among these glasses, though there are all the sizes, shapes and styles imaginable, each one enhances his own types of wine.

The aim of the different glasses is to emphasize the color and appearance of the liquid. This is because generally transparent glass is used instead of colored glass. The glass should be polished and free of hard water stains to observe the effects of the vortex. Whirling reveals the "legs" of the wine and although this is somewhat controversial, most people believe that this defines the character of the wine. The selection of fine crystals enhances the experience and reminds wine connoisseurs that wine has a long history and that it should be drunk and valued instead of just drinking because of the effects of alcohol.

The different types of wine glasses are designed to give the wine tasting maximum enjoyment. This does not mean that you need a cupboard full of wine glasses, but you have to choose specific designs for your favorite wines. Choose your favorite red and you're favorite white and buy wine glasses that emphasize these experiences. As time goes by or your taste buds change, you can add more glasses for special needs.

Wine tasting can be a fun and educational experience. The accessory is only added to the general effect.

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