Paul Ayyash


Paul Ayyash

Paul Ayyash is our operation manager. He oversee all aspects of the company including sales, showroom, marketing, training & stock. Paul has been working with Petra over 8 years and is one of the younger manager in the hospitality industry in Australia.

Paul Ayyash hold 2 bachelors.

You can contact him at 1300 007 387 for all enquiries regarding restaurant fitout and design.

Petra Group is a group of companies that does business across 4 segment markets within the hospitality industry under common administrative, marketing & financial control.

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A lot of people today find it necessary to enjoy a cup of coffee.Coffee plays a vital role in our lives that a someone's day is not considered complete if they don't enjoy one. People are unable to stop coffee addiction because it always bring them a feeling of comfort in their minds and can also help them to overcome the pain that they feel inside. When a majority of people have an addiction to coffee, business oriented person have an opportunity to start their coffee shops.Too many people have failed within few years of opening as they are not well prepared to deal with the daily issues facing the coffee shop business. Starting from even before the opening, you will face a lot of problems that will make you to wonder if there is a better or natural way out. The location of the coffee shop is a huge issue. However, do not ignore these ground works as they are important as many coffee shop owners have found out that they are tied down with the enormity of the daily tasks.

The crucial step that should be taken initially is to plan out and determine your business directions. Then, you are required to work towards finding out how you can operate to realize maximum profit.Some of the costs included are; the cost of renting a property, buying required coffee machines, the prices for interior design, buying coffee mugs, cost to acquire a logo etc.This costs act as an important factor when deciding about the size of and type of equipment you are required to purchase.

In case items on the previous list look achievable then there is some hope. Some of the most popular coffee shop entrepreneurs have managed to start up a shop for less than $AUD45,000. There are methods used to cut the expenses, for example sharp negotiation on leases, persuading manufacturers to supply you with equipment on credit, or doing reciprocal deals with other local businesses.

These start-up and running expenses also require to be balanced out by the fact that there is great profit being made in selling coffees with high quality to clients in a comfortable environment. People are always willing to spend their money for the type of coffee they can not enjoy at home and for a comfortable surroundings and environment.

Another critical aspect is the advertising campaigns you need to carry out. The crucial element is to make sure that clients are informed about your coffee shop location, your various types of drinks as well as your operating hours. Use a variety of promotional methods such as coupons to attract the clients,choose them taking into consideration their costs in order minimize running costs.

Mostly, the sales of coffee shops come from frequent customers, so it is very important to pay attention to them. Most of them need their daily coffee, ensure they are treated well and offer them quality products and services,this make them to be your loyal clients.

Paul Ayyash

Operation Manager

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