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Pizza Ovens

At Petra Equipment you can find a large range of pizza deck ovens with stone base or stainless steel base. Our pizza ovens are of commercial grade, and they can be benchtop or floor standing. You can ask us about our electric and gas pizza oven kits, which are easy to install and operate. We supply and install our commercial pizza ovens. Buy all pizza accessories online or come visit us at our warehouse based in Sydney. We sell 3 types of pizza ovens: deck ovens, conveyor ovens and wood fired pizza ovens.

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Pizza Ovens

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  1. Brand: Semak

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  • Semak WFPDL Large DIY Woodfired Pizza Oven

    Regular Price: $5,000.00

    Special Price $4,470.00

    +GST ($4,917.00 including GST)

    Rent to Buy  $43.00 +GST/week*

  • Semak WFPB1100 Wood Fired Benchtop Pizza Oven

    Regular Price: $6,500.00

    Special Price $5,810.00

    +GST ($6,391.00 including GST)

    Rent to Buy  $55.00 +GST/week*

  • Semak WFPP1100 Portable Woodfired Pizza Oven

    Regular Price: $11,000.00

    Special Price $9,840.00

    +GST ($10,824.00 including GST)

    Rent to Buy  $94.00 +GST/week*

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  1. Brand: Semak

3 Item(s)

Pizza Deck Ovens and Pizza Oven Kits at Petra Equipment

Our range of Pizza Ovens suit Australian Pizza Shop. We supply across Australia {Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong, Perth}. You can visit our main warehouse based in Sydney Lansvale to view our range of commercial pizza deck ovens and meet our staff. 

At Petra, we offer the latest ovens available on the market from Anvil and Semak to Lincoln. They offer exceptional cooking experience and power for large volumes of pizzas. We sell both steel and stone base ovens. 

Electric Pizza Ovens vs Gas Pizza Ovens

Considering the current price of gas and future forecast, the cost of running a gas pizza oven is very low. If you are after the best quality - you should look at a combination of both Gas and Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. If you have  a limited space, we recommend to use an electric pizza oven and with a stone base.

Pizzas have become integral parts of diets across the world, more so in the US and Australia because they are easy to collect on the way to home, or even order in other parts of the world. There are many pizzerias that offer variety of toppings to select from and food is served faster too since part of the preparation can be done before hand. But pizzas require ovens. In commercial eateries, pizzas have to be cooked right, and large quantities, apart from being served in time. To facilitate this, both traditional and modern methods are employed. Our pizza ovens can be shipped Australia wide, make sure to check the sizes, buying a commercial pizza oven and industrial gas pizza oven are more expensive than domestic one and the cost of replacing with another pizza oven commercial is not free of charge. We recently participate to a small demonstration witih our range of electric pizza ovens in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney.

The pizza ovens now used by commercial establishments can be broadly divided into three categories, i.e., 

a. Deck ovens;

b. Wood fired ovens; and

c. Conveyor ovens

How to choose the right pizza deck ovens?

These are perhaps the most commonly used ovens for making pizzas these days. The temperature in these ovens can reach anywhere between 500 degrees Fahrenheit and above to almost 650 degrees F. Electricity may be used to generate that heat though many are gas based as well. A commercial vent also forms part of this oven from where combustion fumes are released.  There are decks in deck oven. The door reveals decks covered with ceramic. Pizza base with all other ingredients can be directly placed on these decks. At times, pizza screen may be used to place the pizza. 

Large pizzas with diameters of 16” and more are made in these. Such ovens are available in different sizes and may also have multiple decks. A clearance of 3” or so exists between one deck and the other in such ovens with multiple decks. Obviously more than one pizza can be made at one go in these commercial pizza ovens. Power specifications can be almost 200 Volts/ 3600watts or even higher 

What is a Conveyor pizza ovens?

As the name suggests there is a conveyor belt and a longer heating oven chamber. Pizza pans move on the conveyor belt, or pizza may be placed on pizza screen. The heat transfer on these is even. However, more room is needed for installing such ovens. Moreover, conveyor belt being a mechanical part requires additional maintenance. However, larger restaurants where demand for pizzas is more and continuous would be better off with these ovens as there is no need to wait for previous pizza to be done. Even the heat utilization is better than other pizza ovens. Most common conveyor pizza oven brands: Middleby Marshall & Lincoln.

Why are wood fired pizza ovens popular?

Unlike the other pizza ovens, there is a central brick oven in which wood is used for generating heat that can reach more than 750 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. This pizza oven is shaped externally like a dome and that is how pizzas were prepared back in Italy. The taste from these ovens is therefore authentic, though it may not appeal to everybody’s palate as people are now accustomed to pizzas from electric or gas fired ovens.

Pizza ovens for sale in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

At Petra Equipment we are offering a carefully selected range of high quality and reliable pizza ovens all at unbeatable sale prices. Why should you shop for a pizza oven at Petra instead of Bunnings or Sydney Heaters? We focus on commercial pizza ovens and we can help you not only with installing the pizza oven but also the full complete fitout. Visit our department Petra Group Shop Fittings, leader in design and fitouts in Sydney.


Which of these commercial gas pizza oven is suitable for the eatery depends upon the traffic, demand and the heating arrangements possible at the location, apart from availability of space and feasibility since utility bills are going to climb. Used commercial pizza ovens are also sold on popular ecommerce websites. Costs differ as per the size, condition, brand, design, and of course the type.