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Robot Coupe, Australian's favourite processor to prepare sauces

Food processors are among the few kitchen equipment that play a multiple of roles. Among the various ways a food processor is used is in creating sauces. A food processor is particularly used for pureeing chopping and slicing vegetables and nuts which is basic in sauces. Making of perfect sauces is about by having that garlic finely chopped and basil leaves smoothly pureed. Such results cannot be achieved manually or with cheap quality food processors.

It is rare to mention a food processor without mentioning the top brand in food processors manufacture; Robot Coupe. Robot coupe was in this regard the first company to manufacture the first food processor. Moreover, Robot coupe equipment is designed with attachments that are used for whisking and grinding.

Having over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of food preparation equipment, it is undoubted that using Robot Coupe Equipment is the first step to that delicious sauce. Robot coupe equipment is a favorite of UK and Europe hoteliers due to the consistent observance of quality.

Sauces are a versatile liquid that every commercial restaurant should invest in. generally sauces can be used to add flavor to add or as a food accompaniments. As a food accompaniment, sauces are used as toppings, filling and marinades. Moreover, sauces add moisture to lean foods such as fish and poultry. Since historic times, sauces have been a necessary accompaniment for Fresh cuisines, Italian cuisines, cuisines and other cuisines all over the world. More so, foods that are cooked with a drying effect such as grilled food are better served with a sauce. Customers are particularly attracted to a restaurant that serves sauces as they are considered a healthy option. . 

Creating sauce entails a combination of many processes. It involves slicing, mincing, shredding, pureeing and chopping. Only a machine that is able to perform such multiple tasks effectively can handle these tasks effectively. In addition, a commercial restaurant cannot rely on manually performance of these tasks for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it is time consuming and also does not yield smooth sauces. 

Sauce making also uses a variety of thickening agents such as roux, Beurre Manie, Cornstarch Slurry and arrowroot. Some of the sauces whose secret is in using a food processor include, 

1.Onion sauce 

Is a simple to prepare onion with few ingredients, that is, onions, white sauce, pepper and salt. Firstly, chop the onions into fine pieces. The food processor is most ideal method here because it gives consistent finely chopped onions. Next, boil the onions in a pan of water at moderate heat. Once the onions are cooked and tender, pop them into the food processor until you achieve that smooth puree. Finally, add white sauce into the white tomato puree and heat gently. Tomato sauce is served with white meat or over boiled eggs. 

2. Salsa Verde.

One of the most tedious sauces to create without a food processor is Salsa Verde sauce. The basic ingredients for this sauce include cloves of garlic, handfuls flat-leaf parsley, a bunch of basil leaves, fresh mint, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and sauce. The food processor aids in finely chopping the garlic while pureeing the basil leaves, fresh mint and flat leaf parsley to give a consistent balance of the flavors.

3. Pesto sauce 

Pesto sauces are one of the sauces that will yield best when created using a food processor. The nuts in this case are finely chopped into small sizes and so are onions. Manually chopping nuts or other tough textured ingredients such as nuts and seeds can prove to be a very tedious task.

Pesto sauce is a popular Italian sauce. Basic ingredients used in its preparation is garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, basil leaves ,salt and pepper.to start with, add garlic to robot coupe food processor and mince. Next, add, basil leaves, salt, pepper, your preferred nuts while adding olive oil to the mixture. Once you have a smooth mixture, add carefully mix it with the mixture. 

4. Pistou sauce. 

The sauce closely resembles pesto sauce, but is ideally the French version of pesto sauce. . Is ingredients include tomatoes, garlic cloves, olive oil , basil leaves and salt. Use robot coupe processor to mix the garlic cloves, olive oil and salt. Next, process the basil leaves and peeled tomatoes and finally mix cheese into the mixture. Garlic is a popular ingredient in creating soup due to its ability to enhance flavors of other ingredients. Garlic can however be used to create its own aroma in the sauce though. You can never go wrong by adding garlic cloves in any type of sauce. 

5. Pecan and red pepper sauce.

The ingredients include roasted red peppers, roasted pecan rosemary, basil leaves, olive oil, freshly grounded red pepper and balsamic vinegar. The red pepper and pecan must be well roasted until their skin is black. Next, pour all the ingredients into your food processor and process until you have a smooth mixture. 

It is noteworthy, that most sauces are created using vegetables and nuts. pureed vegetables can in this regard be made using a food processor. A variety of sauces such as the pesto and pistou sauce has vegetables as a basic ingredient. Sauces that have nuts, as their basic ingredients are cashew sauce, walnut sauce among other sauces. 

The Robot coupe processor guarantees its customers of high performance for a constant supply of sauces. The R201 XL - Food Processor 2.9 Litre Composites for instance has a great performance of 550 watts. In addition, the model features a continuous feed vegetable prep attachment meaning that you can keep food processing constantly running smoothly. The Robot Coupe processor has also ridged and razor-sharp blades to give a smooth puree. 

Traditionally, food processors were considered not the best for wet ingredients because they could not accommodate enough. More so because the food processor cannot be filled to the brim. The Robot food processor has however changed this, by having food processors with more bowls. Wet ingredient such as tomatoes can now be efficiently blended in the appliance.

Finally whether your customers ask for a hot or cold sauce ensure to create it with robot food processor to give it that distinctive texture and flavor. Robot Cope food processor are available for purchase and rental at the website, https://www.petraequipment.com.au/robot-coupe