Rational combi oven recipes

Rational combi oven recipes 

Purchased a new Rational oven? Congratulations! Your new Self-Cooking Center is the perfect addition to your kitchen for professional cooking. Our priority is to benefit our customers with the best, that’s why we’ve put together a cookbook, which contains a wide range of recipes so that you can get the best out of your RATIONAL combi oven. Our tips and recipes will show an array of countless options your new RATIONAL kitchen assistant has to offer.

This cookbook represents a selection of delicious recipes put together by our master chefs. You can prepare them easily in your Self-Cooking Center, or perhaps let them inspire you to craft a creation of your own. The recipes crafted by RATIONAL include plenty of helpful tips, and use a wide range of products and preparation methods to help you get to know your combi oven functions and areas of the application quickly. Are you interested in discovering more national and continental recipes? You can even check out Club RATIONAL, our online platform of professional cooks.

While you read the delicious recipes in the recipe book, here are a few tips on how to use different settings for the best cooking results:

  1. 1.       Convection (30–300 °C)

The hot air inside the oven circulates at high speed flows around the food from all sides. The meat protein releases immediately, so it remains wonderfully moisture and juicy on the inside. Use the Convection settings in your combi oven to utilize the product’s own moisture and regulate it to 1% accuracy – giving you delicious browned pan-fried meats, fluffy baked goods or perfectly prepared frozen foods. Convection in the Self-Cooking Center means getting powerful roasting flavours and crisp-crusted baked goods. The convection environment is perfect for grilling, baking, frying, roasting, gratinating or glazing.


  1. 2.       Steam (30–130 °C)

The high-quality steam generator continually produces hygienic steam, removing the long wait time to heat up water-filled pots or boilers. Steaming in the Self-Cooking centre means short heating up time, and the foods retain their natural colours. The precise cooking for crisp-tender results in natural vitamins and nutrients preservation. The Steaming environment is ideal for steaming, stewing, poaching, blanching, heating, scalding, simmering, vacuum cooking and preservation.


  1. 3.       Combination (30–300 °C)

The combination mode mixes all the benefits of hot steam with the advantages of convection. You can reduce cooking reduction by up to 50% and suggestively shorten cooking times, without even needing to turn over the food. Use Combination settings to adjust moisture levels in the cooking space to an exact value the Self-Cooking Center will then add moisture actively whenever required. The Combination setting is perfect for roasting, baking and Finishing.

Here are a few tips to ensure correct placement of the core temperature:

  1. With all products, always place the temperature probe at the thickest point of the product. Make sure that most of the probe needle is within the product while inserting in the product.
  2. When cooking smaller pieces of meat, simply insert the core temperature probe into different pieces at the same time.
  3. For fish and poultry, always insert the core temperature probe close to the bones.
  4. For baked food that arises during baking, position the core temperature probe vertically in the middle of the product. If required, use the positioning aid.
  5. When loading the Self Cooking Center with products of various sizes, it is best to insert the probe into the smallest product. Once the smallest product is finished, the buzzer will ring, and the small piece can be removed. A continue button will appear on the display when the door is open. Insert the temperature sensor into the next smallest product and press ‘continue’.
  6. Oven racks have a ceramic tube designed to grasp the core temperature probe. When you are done with a mobile oven rack, always place the probe into that tube.

Enjoy professional cooking with RATIONAL combi oven recipe booklet.

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