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Comcater Foodservice Equipment delivering the world’s best value products selected on innovation, performance, reliability, value and always with the customer in mind.
Comcater Sydney

Who is Comater? Comcater is home to the world’s leading commercial kitchen equipment brands. It is one of Petra’s preferred suppliers, providing quality hospitality equipment solutions. Combining a team of qualified Chefs and industry professionals, Comcater delivers the best service and tools needed to save on cost and time. Regular training on all Comcater products, allows our staff, at Petra Equipment, to find the best equipment solutions and advice for our clients.

Taking into consideration the history, philosophy, product offering, ethics and environmental practices, Comcater only considers brands of the highest quality. With an impressive portfolio of the hospitality industry’s most respected brands, Petra is able to select equipment that will last in an evolving commercial kitchen market.

Comcater Sydney
Comcater Sydney
Comcater Melbourne

Rational → Shop Combi Ovens

Rational is the undisputed world #1 in combi-ovens undisputed world #1 in combi-ovens undisputed world #1 in combi-ovens.

Frima → Shop Cook Centre, Bratt Pans, Kettles

Fry, boil and braise to a level most chefs don’t even dream of.

Brema → Shop Ice makers, Ice Dispensers, Ice Bins

Ice making equipment loved for simplicity and ease of use.

Comcater Brisbane
Comcater Head Office
Comcater Sydney

Lincoln → Shop Pizza Ovens, Conveyor Ovens

The conveyor oven that’s more than a pizza oven, from steaks to bakes.

Mareno → Shop Pasta Cookers, Cooktops, Fryers, Ranges

When dramatic style meets unmatched performance.

Purevac → Shop Vacuum packing units, Vacuum Bags

Vacuum packaging machines built with the user in mind.

Comcater Brisbane
Comcater Head Office
Comcater Sydney

Comenda → Shop Glasswashers, Utensil Washers, Dishwashers, Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

The ware washer that does more on less.

Garland → Shop Grills, Salamanders, Char Boilers, Gas Cooktops, Gas Ranges

Cooking equipment respected for heavy duty design and long lasting performance.

Dean → Shop Deep Fryers

Affordable range of deep fryers that are reliable and perfect for medium production sites.

Comcater Melbourne
Comcater Brisbane
Comcater head office

Frymaster → Shop Pasta Cookers, Deep Fryers, Filters

World class frying reliability - nothing is faster or more powerful.

Vitamix → Shop Food Blenders, Drink Blenders

Designed to reduce prep-time, improve efficiency and expand menu offerings.

Menumaster → Shop Microwaves, Speed Ovens

The combination express oven that cooks 15x faster than a traditional oven.

Comcater Sydney

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