Second Hand Catering Equipment

Used Catering Equipment

We sell and ship second hand commercial kitchen equipment across all majors cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Wollongong, Adelaide, Perth & Canberra.

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    Mareno ANG74E-DEMO Electric Leg Stand Char Grill | Demo Model
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    Rent to Buy $23.00 +GST/week*
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Reconditioned Bar, Cafe & Restaurant Equipment

We sell second hand catering equipment and commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.

For those planning to start a restaurant or any hotel business on a limited to a budget, it is necessary to plan out your equipment purchase. Purchasing new cooking equipment can definitely involve a massive investment and hence buying second hand catering equipment would be a sensible idea. Since these catering equipment have been used, they are easily affordable and also serve your purpose well.


Everything revolves around the cash flow and just like any good business venture, it takes proper management to make every penny worth it, especially in the initial days when a business is still young and unproven. Your kitchen equipment can soon take up a huge portion of the start-up capital and although the kitchen may look fantastic with its bright shiny new catering equipment a significant part of your investment will begin depreciating in value as soon as you start producing food.

Certified Second Hand Equipment

These equipment prevent you from the hassles of buying new equipment which is not only costly but even might not be of much use in future. Second hand catering equipment are fully repaired, cleaned and electrically tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality and do not disappoint you when it comes to cooking. However, the primary motive of buying these equipment is to cook food and serve your customers quickly which gets easily fulfilled once you buy them as they are convenient to operate because they have been in use for a long time. 

The primary focus is to help the business maximize the number of customers and profit they can bring in, while minimizing the amount of money they have to pay out to get started, which can often be on the hefty side. This is rarely more evident than in the food and catering sector, the rather steep costs of bringing in brand new catering equipment can often go into several thousands, something which most start-up businesses won't have the financial muscle for.

As the demand for commercial kitchens for sale is enormous as compared to home kitchens, therefore, buying the second-hand food equipment seems to be a cost efficient and ideal solution. Many dealers such as Petra Equipment offer these used equipment with a complete warranty and after sales service. It’s always advisable to purchase equipment from reliable suppliers who have been into the catering industry since quite long and can accordingly provide you with the right suggestion and advice. One of the greatest benefits of buying these second hand catering equipment is that they are reconditioned prior being sold to the final buyers. These equipment are thoroughly checked and inspected for the type, extent and severity of the damage from rust, corrosion or faulty parts. 

Save Money

In conclusion, you should note that these equipment not only save you more money to invest in business and more urgent matters but also assist in quicker cooking. You do not need to consult the installation or user manual for using the equipment as they have already been in running condition and are offered only after you check their operation. It is extremely expensive to buy new restaurant equipment which would be not of much use, therefore, second hand catering equipment amd used catering equipment for sale could not only prove to be affordable but even highly reliable.

We sell second hand pizza equipment , convection ovens, cafe equipment, butcher equipment and commercial combi ovens. We recomend our customer to not buy second hand stainless steel benches as the price difference is minimal.

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