Robot Coupe food processors; why every cooking chefs should buy Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe - the best Food Processors in the world

Appreciating the vital role that a food processor plays in a commercial kitchen, Robot Coupe the French food preparation appliances guru of 40 years has revolutionized the kitchen with their model of food processor that comes in a variety of ranges. The models of food processors include the R301 Ultra, R201, R211, R401, R402, R502 and R602. The choice of a model will mainly depend on your intended capacity use. for instance, if cooking for 20- 30 persons, the R201 and R211 is the ideal choice while the R502 and R602 versions are ideal for large scale restaurants and catering . This food processors from Robot Coupe should be every chef's purchase choice for a number of reasons.

1.Easy to clean

One, Easy clean up. Kitchen appliances ought to be always clean to avoid contamination of germs in food; top-notch hygienic preparation is vital. The cleaning is easy because parts are easily removed for cleaning. Further, there are no grooves and nooks to catch or trap food in; there are also no corners that you have to dig into to remove anything. With this processor, your cleaning job shall be quite easy. The cleaning job is made even easier because of the stainless steel motor base; you do not have to worry of the processor getting rust.

2. High Performance

Two, High performance. The robot coupe food processors are incredibly quick. For instance, you barely spend 2 minutes in preparation of a carrot Purée, one minute for a bowl of mayonnaise and mix pastry in just 20 seconds. Further food processors come with automatic sieves. This kind of performance will save you a great amount of time. The performance is not only fast but also precise due to their incredibly powerful motor and sharp blades.

3. All sizes 

Thirdly, Large size. A number of the food processor models are large. This means that you can perform voluminous quantities with ease. Actually, for the best effectiveness it is recommended that one work with voluminous quantities. As a chef, you will certainly achieve your desired level results.

4. Durability 

Fourthly, High durability and reliability. The Robot Coupe food processor and Robot Coupe Juicer are specifically designed to last for last for years and years. Particularly, parts such as motors have many years of warranty. Assuredly, Parts can drop on the floor and not break.

 5. Multi Task

Finally, it is a multitasking machine. As mentioned above the food processors perform a multiple of functions from cutting to slicing to dicing. For all these preparation activities therefore, the Robot Coupe will surely deliver amazing results. 

It is no accident that you will find the Robot coupe food processor in almost every restaurant"s kitchen. After years of being a Robot Coupe premium dealer, we recommend the Robot Coupe cl50.

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