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Electrical & Manual Can Openers

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Can Opener

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  • Bonzer Can Opener K393

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  • EDLUND 266 Electric Can Opener

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  • EDLUND 610 Crown Punch Pneumatic Can Opener

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Best commercial can openers

We sell automatic can openers to be used either in an industrial or hospitality environment. Have you ever used a knife for opening cans? It was fun, right? Probably not. Well, many people had the same problem before 1858, when the first can opener was invented. Actually, the first can opener was invented almost 50 years after the can was manufactured. It was basically a hammer and chisel. But it sure made life much easier. The rest is history. Later came more improved and easy-to-handle versions, in variable sizes and shapes. 

Electric can openers were first placed on the market in 1931. The main idea behind developing this version is to make a safer way to open cans. Unfortunately, the existing models were not good. The manufacturers worked hard in the following 20 years and presented improved versions with modifications for safety, and some neat additional, such as knife sharpener. 

Although you can still use the old-fashioned manual can openers, or use a gun to open the stubborn can, maybe you should think of buying an electric version. Here is why. See more hosptality supplies in Sydney, commercial cookware, pos system, brat pan & commercial dishwasher for sale.

Why Do You Need an Electric Can Opener

1. It will be very handy in the kitchen – without any doubt, electric can openers are a very handy kitchen item. How much will you use it, depends solely on how much-canned food do you use in your diet. Professional chefs often use canned goods, but it is also a great solution if you don’t have time (or patience) to cook, so most of the food you eat is from a can. 

2. It is convenient – with very little work and almost no effort, you can always open a can. The entire procedure is made of placing the can in front of the opener and pressing the button. Also, it is very fast. The process of an opening is so fast that you will want to do it for fun. 

3. There is no mess –we all know what can happen when we try to open our can with the wrong tool. Electric can openers fulfill their duty fast and clean. 

4. It is portable – can openers are usually not heavy and take up little space, so you can move them anywhere you want. You can also take them on camping trips and travels. 

5. It will serve you for a long time – quality can openers have the predisposition to function properly for a long time. This, of course, depends on how much you take care of it. 

6. Many industrial can openers have extra helpful features – knife sharpeners, bottle openers, automatic shut off, etc. 

7. Can openers come in different sizes –you will easily find the size which suits your kitchen since various versions are on the market. Smaller types can easily fit in any shelf or drawer, while medium-sized are perfect for the kitchen counter. There are also 10-inch high versions, usually intended for industrial use. 

8. Many of them just look good – it may seem irrelevant, but the design of a can opener may add the extra appealing note to your kitchen.

If you are considering the purchase an electric can opener, it is important to know what are you exactly looking for and do a bit of research. The biggest problem will probably be to pick one with so much on the market. Think of the space you will need and the type of cans you usually use. Then enjoy and look at that can spin.