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Please find below a range of whiskey glasses made for lounges, hotels and high end restaurants.

  • - Samba 200ml is made for bars.
  • - The Soul 290ml is made for degustation and luxury lounges.
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Whiskey glasses

We sell quality whiskey glasses that can be used for restaurant and hotels. We deliver across Australia and provide express shipping to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. You might be interested in our other range of glassware such as cocktail glasses and beer glasses.

Top 5 whiskey to drink and the reasons for their popularity

Over the years, whiskey has remained a favorite beverage to many as no coincidence. Perhaps it is because the drink signifies class and glamour. Notably, whiskey is abundantly rich in healthy ingredients. Whiskey started as a drink predominantly for the men. The modern age has however seen more and more women fall in love with the whiskey. Some of the top 5 whiskeys over the years are;

1. Rye Whiskey

Although referred to as rye whiskey, rye whiskey is not solely made with rye mash. Rather, rye mash is the base ingredient. When it comes to making the whiskey, various countries differ in the minimum content that is required for whiskey to be known as rye whiskey. For instance, in Canada, the rule is just that that rye whiskey should contain some amount of rye. The Canadian rye whiskey is thus likely to contain small amount of rye mash. In fact, there is only one rye whiskey in the world that is predominantly made with rye whiskey. That is whiskey produced in Canada by the Alberta Premium producers. 

Among the reasons for the whiskey's old popularity is due to its cooling, refreshing and boozy effect. Also, rye whiskey is loved due to its bold burn feeling. this bold and big burn undoubtedly provokes a feeling of excitement that comes in handy in a dull day. 

Moreover, Rye whiskey contains several similarities with the all loved Bourbon. Rye whiskey also contains a strong aroma that makes it highly attributable to the Scottish whiskey.

2. Scotch Whiskey
Produced and distilled in scotland, scotch whiskey is a whiskey that foremost contains between 40- 80 percent in alcohol content. Scotch whiskey is a popular whiskey around the world and is almost like a household name. Here, whiskey lovers have the choice of blended scotch whiskey, blended grain whiskey, single malt scotch whiskey,and single grain scotch whiskey. 

Each type is distilled differently and thus offers users a wide choice. For instance, the single malt scotch whiskey contains only a few ingredients. That is, water and malted barley. This offers the ideal way for drinkers who love the taste of malted barley to feel it to the maximum. On the other hand, the single grain scotch whiskey contains malted barley, water, grains and other unmalted cereals.

3. Hot Toddy whiskey
If looking for a whiskey that will warm you up during the winter and any cold weather, then the hot toddy whiskey is the whiskey you need. As one of the Scottish whiskeys, hot toddy is loved because it one of the simplest whiskeys to make. Basically, all one requires is a spirit base, spices, water and some form of sugar.

4. Old fashioned whiskey
Going by its name, old fashioned whiskey is one of the oldest whiskeys in the history. perhaps, its distillation goes back to the early 1800s.
Old fashioned whiskey is a loved whiskey due to its high flavour and taste of orange. This is because the whiskey uses a large variety of orange peel that is served over ice. The benefit here is that the whiskey always maintains its freshness. 

5. Bourbon whiskey
The Bourbon whiskey is typically the American whiskey that is primarily made from corn. Just like other popular whiskeys, Bourbon has its origins in the 1820s. The rule for any whiskey to be regarded as Bourbon whiskey is that it should contain at least 51 percent of alcohol. The whiskey shares much similarity with the scotch in that just like scotch is named as such because it is made in Scotland, Bourbon whiskey is labelled as such because it is made in America.

Bourbon whiskey is loved as it offers a blend of the taste of corn, spirits, coloring and a wide range of flavouring.

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