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Do you have a restaurant concept but are struggling to work out how to achieve it? Or even wanting to revamp your existing shop?
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Project management is an important aspect of our complete restaurant fit out service. Every project will be assigned a project manager, every job no matter the size takes priority and here at Petra Equipment, customer satisfaction and making sure your job is running smoothly and on time is our main objective.

Every aspect of the restaurant fit out process is covered, using the expertise of only fully insured qualified tradesmen any Electrical or Plumbing required will be provided by Petra to ensure the highest standard of workmanship.


Our aim is to see your vision into reality – our highly experienced in-house restaurant designer is proficient in submitting plans for council, body corporate and centre management approvals.

With vast experience in commercial kitchen planning and layouts, you are guaranteed to not only achieve a conceptually beautiful restaurant, but one that not only meets all industry standards, but most importantly promotes great work flow and efficiency. Read more about our Commercial Kitchen Design.


Our extensive experience in shop fit outs range from Food Vans, Intimate Cafes to Large Restaurants but our objective remains to maximize space, cultivate your vision and create a kitchen layout that's functionality will enhance your business.

Take the first step in bringing your vision into reality, contact us TODAY to arrange a no obligation consultation. At Petra Equipment, no dream is too big or small – let us assist in your journey to success!

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What are the essential equipment for opening a restaurant?

The type and quality of restaurant equipment matter when opening a new restaurant. Clients will notice when you utilize cheap equipment in your establishment. Investing in equipment that works well with your menu offering and space will increase efficiency, productivity and the overall success of your hospitality business. We have suggested some popular equipment options below:

Refrigerators: Every restaurant business needs a functional fridge or freezer to preserve and store food or drink. We offer a wide range of refrigeration equipment designed by renowned Australian and International brands. Take a look at all our display & refrigeration equipment.

Commercial ovens: Depending on what you are offereing on your menu, choosing the right oven is important. We supply ovens that are designed to make cooking faster and easier. View our combi oven range, combining steam, convection and combination cooking.

Dishwasher: commercial dishwasher is game changing in any restaurant. Take the pain out of washing dishes and glasseware with our Washtech dishwashers, they provide exceptional results every time.

Water: You need to invest in quality water as a high percentage of your customers will want a cup of water before ordering. Ensure the quality of your water is tested, and buy a filtration system if it is necessary to avoid any health and safety problems.

Cash register: A POS (point of sale) system is nessecary for any business taking sales. Complete transactions fast, record and connect with your back of house easily. Once your business picks you can invest in tablet based systems and touch screen interfaces.

Credit card machine: With the introduction of tap & pay and Apple pay, you might find customers prefer to pay electronially. It's imperative you have a credit card machine to provide your clients with a fast and easy pay process. These machines are more economical and let you track payments easily.

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