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Robot Coupe Parts, Discs and Blades

Petra Equipment sell Robot Coupe Spare Parts, Discs and Blades including 211 blades, 211 spare parts, cl 30 parts, r211 ultra blade, blixer spare parts and julienne disc. We deliver Australia wide.

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A description of Robot Coupe blades

The importance of blades in a food processor, a blender say a stick blender cannot be overemphasized. Blades are ideally the heart of the appliance. This is because they determine the efficiency of any food preparations. Robot Coupe offers a variety of blades to choose from. Before purchasing, a kitchen appliance, it is equally important to ensure that the appliance contains the right kind of blade. Ideally, different blades are designed for different purposes.


Some blades are designed for grating, others for slicing and dicing while others are meant for making dhow and slicing meat. Your choice must, therefore, be guided by the intended use. Among the wide range of Robot, Coupe blades are the fine serrated blades. Fine serrated blades are ideally the best for ingredients that have a hard exterior but a softer interior. 

The importance of a blade in a stick blender is that it determines whether you will achieve that smooth sauce or a poor one. 
There are fine serrated blades. Serrated blades are most often recommended for use in the tough herbs and vegetables. Most buyers are however hesitant to buy serrated blade because they are hard to sharpen. However, the Robot Coupe blades are the best choice here because they are designed to be tough on use but smooth to sharpen. 


The sole reason why serrated blades are the best for tough ingredients is that the blade has a longer working area due to the wavy pattern that characterizes a serrated blade. Serrated blades also retain the sharpness ability much longer that the fine blades. This is essential in a commercial kitchen because having a blade that requires constant sharpening only means that time is constantly wasted. 
Flat blade serrated blade are easily sharpened. One factor that makes the Robot Coupe fine serrated blades are ideal is their thickness. Noteworthy, a blade undergoes the most work whether in a food processor or a blender. It is therefore that the blade is strong enough to endure the constant spinning without breaking. For this reason, a blade must be thick enough. 
The Robot Coupe serrated blades are fully serrated. One disadvantage with going for partially serrated blades is that most often are serrated are serrated at the wrong parts. The serrated edge is most effective in slicing thick, fibrous and tough-materials such as nuts and herbs. Nuts are ideally a basic ingredient for making of desserts. Some of the best recipe ideas here include kiwi smoothies, raspberry smoothies and all nut sauces one may think of. 

The s- blade is one of the most versatile blades you may have in your kitchen. To start with, when the machine is not in use, the blade can be used to chop and grind. However, when in a continuous motion, the blades are ideal for pureeing and blending. The blade is made of metal as opposed to plastic as most blades in the market. A metal blade has several advantages. To start with, a metal blade can withstand tough materials without bending. Moreover, spinning may cause friction, which may in turn cause heat; a metal S- blade can withstand any heat for a long time. 

Another blade kind by Robot Coupe blades is the flat blade. This is essentially a non-serrated edge Suffice to note, this blade is the complete opposite of the serrated blade and thus serves quite different purposes. One of its best uses is to cut vegetables and fruits of softer skin. An advantage of the flat blade is that it is easily sharpened.  Find out more about food processor disc.

Finally, we double check all our appliances to ensure that they contain the right model of the blade as the processor or blender. This is because blades are very specific to a certain model. Further, the blades are very sharp and therefore one must be be very careful when cleaning and using. Therefore, when handling the blade ensure to hold it at the central plastic section. 

Most importantly, Robot Coupe blades are made of stainless steel that makes them easy to clean. Moreover, the blades are likely to last longer because they cannot corrode. At Petra Equipment, we have made it our goal to bring to our esteemed customers the Robot Coupe blades at affordable prices. Visit our website at https://www.petraequipment.com.au/spare-parts/food-processor-disc/robot-coupe-parts-discs-and-blades for rental or purchase.