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Baking for a commercial kitchen is one of the cooking that is done regularly. Any slight mistake is undoubtedly a sure way to mess up your cooking. One factor that compromises on baking quality is the type of oven used. Prudent Oven selection is therefore very important. 

In this regard, rack ovens have developed to become a favorite of bakers as no coincidence at all. One advantage of baking using rack ovens is because they are designed to bake with convection heat. Convection heating ensures a consistent cooking. This is because the oven uses a fan that forces heated air to circulate thorough the oven. This is unlike the other ovens that create 'hot spots'. The food will thus cook evenly.

In addition, rack ovens such as the Tagliavini-Rotor Electric Rotating Rack Oven RT68E-D have two speed air circulating fans in the baking chamber just to enhance on the benefits of a convection oven.

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Rack Ovens

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  • MACADAMS M80 ES Electric Single Rack Oven

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  • MACADAMS M120 SLE Electric Rack Oven

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  • Tagliavini RVT665CG Gas Rack Oven

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  • Tagliavini RT68E-D Rotating Rack Oven

    Regular Price: $48,940.00

    Special Price $45,510.00

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    Rent to Buy  $431.00 +GST/week*

  • Tagliavini RT68CG-D Gas Rotating Rack Oven

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    Rent to Buy  $485.00 +GST/week*

  • MACADAMS M480-4 Quad Rotary Rack Oven

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Rack Oven

Quality baking is dependent upon many factors such as the aroma and taste. Quality baking in a commercial kitchen means having an attractive brown color. The baked food need to be mouthwatering when served to customers. To this end convection ovens give your baking a high quality brown color in your crust. The science behind this is that browning requires certain amount of warm temperatures to begin. This is indeed the temperatures that are afforded by convection.Pizza crusts and turkeys will surely come out more evenly browned. Apart from brown color being attractive, browning enhances flavors that are intrinsic in foods.


A convection heating oven in addition saves on cooking temperatures and cooking time. Cooking time is minimized because moving air speeds up the rate of heat transfer. Food will therefore cook faster and thus cut down on your overall cooking time. for instance, you will realize that the sugars in roasting potatoes will start caramelizing sooner than when using a conventional baking oven. it is agreed that a convection oven will at least save up on 25% of your cooking time.

Unlike other ovens where one needs to load the pans one at a time, with a rack oven, you are able to load an entire chamber with many pans at once. In addition you need not worry about lifting the top rack with all the products in it. This is because the rack ovens are designed with an automatic lift system.

A rack oven most importantly saves on space. Due to their vertically arranged chambers, rack ovens are able to accommodate a higher pan capacity at a time and therefore allow you to bake a variety at the same time. To maximize more on space, rack ovens are available as single rack ovens and double rack ovens. Having an oven that occupies smaller space while at the same time giving you high production is quite business efficient. When seeking to have high production, get a bakery oven with as many racks as possible. The Tagliavini- Double Rotating Rack Oven RT810CGP-D model for instance has double trays.

In addition, rack ovens embrace the advantage of versatility. This means that you van be a able to bake a wide number of goods without compromising on their quality or taste. Rack ovens have actually become ideal when baking different goods in the recent past. Modern racks ovens have in this regard are designed with a programmable control panel. With this feature, the oven is able to automatically control temperatures, cooking time and even steam generation.

A programed rack oven is very crucial. This is because such a system eliminates the need to frequently open oven doors to check on your multiple cooking. This saves on energy consumption because opening oven doors lets out heated air. In a commercial kitchen the ability to save up on energy is a great advantage. Further, a programmed rack oven saves your business expenses on training staff on how to use the oven. Such staff only needs very minimal training to be in a position to use them.

Rack oven other advantages

A further advantage of a rack oven is that you need not worry whether the middle placed products in a rack will cook. This is because modern rack ovens are designed with the auto- rotate technology. This means you need not open your oven doors to rotate your pans. As stated above, opening door ovens during the cooking will lose up on energy. A variety of auto rotating rack oven include the Tagliavini-Rotating Rack Oven RT68E-D rack oven and the Tagliavini-Gas Rotating Rack Oven RT68CGP-D rack oven model. The constant rotation of the rack ensures your baking is cooked from the back, to front to middle parts.

In a nutshell, if looking to increase your bakery production while at the same time save on your kitchen space, a bakery rack oven is all you need to upgrade your commercial kitchen to.

At Petra Equipment, we have made it our priority to help you select the best bakery rack ovens by stocking the rack ovens from Tagliavini. Tagliavini brand boasts of decades in the manufacture of bakery ovens. Since 1934, Tagliavini bakery ovens have remained a top choice of restaurants, hotels and any baker doing baking in high volumes.

Such ovens include the Tagliavini-Rotor Electric Rotating Rack Oven RT68E-D that among the above features has digital display programs that have up to 99 programmable menus. The racks of most rack ovens are able to fit in as many as 30 pans of each product. Our rack ovens also feature modern technology in bakery ovens such as having two speed air control fans, a rotating platform and having a digital programmable control panel of up to 99 menus. 

In addition, the Tagliavini ovens are constructed with steel material in the interior and front. Stainless material is most preferred in kitchen appliances because of it's easy to clean characteristic and due to the fact that steel is no- porous. Being non- porous steel does thus resist bacteria and germs which are food contaminants. Stainless steel is also ideal because it has neutral effect of the baking's flavor. The foods flavor is therefore maintained.

To order bakery rack ovens, visit our website at https://www.petraequipment.com.au/bakery/rack-ovens. Moreover, visit our warehouse and make your order. You may choose to purchase the ovens or simply rent the oven on our very favorable terms.